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Q: The Aug. 28 editorial states Ohio State University Coach Urban Meyer is making $7 million in an annual salary. It was just announced the Hawkeye football stadium north endzone just received an $89 million renovation. With students constantly struggling with increase in tuition, how do universities justify such salaries for coaches? Where does the money come from to support the athletic departments at the three universities in Iowa?

A: Because the University of Iowa and Iowa State University athletic departments are self supporting, no taxes or tuition go to coaches’ pay. Television revenue, booster donations, ticket sales, etc., fund athletics at big schools. The situation is a bit different at University of Northern Iowa, which receives less outside revenue. According to a report filed with the NCAA, UNI reported $19.5 million in operating revenue for 2016-2017, including nearly $9.3 million from UNI and student fees. Operating expenses were $18.4 million. As for the renovation of Kinnick Stadium, it was funded entirely by the athletics department, mostly through television revenue, fundraising and the higher prices for premium seats.

Q: How come General Hospital on Channel 9 is all re-runs?

A: By the time this runs, the show should be back to airing new episodes. According to tweets from an ABC executive, the reruns were simply a result of the soap not being pre-empted enough earlier this year. Nathan Varni wrote, “Last year we didn’t have to take additional encores because Trump interrupted the show so much. This year, with less interruptions, we needed to take some extra days off based on the number of new episodes we produce for you.”

Q: Regarding the movie “I Married a Witch,” who was the actress who played a witch and her background?

A: That was screen legend Veronica Lake. Born Constance Ockleman in Brooklyn, she was a Paramount star who appeared in dozens of films in the 1940s and ’50s. She died in 1973, age 50.

Q: When does the new season of “Dancing with the Stars” begin? Also, on the Animal Planet channel, when does the show “Pit Bulls and Parolees” start?

A: “DWTS” returns Sept. 24. The new season of “Pit Bulls” has not been set yet — a recent post on the show’s Facebook page said, “We know how long you’ve been waiting for the new season of ‘Pit Bulls and Parolees’! No word yet, but once we get it, you’ll be the first ones to know.”

Q: When they have storms surges during hurricanes on the East Coast, do the rivers then run backward?

A: Yes. National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham said in a recent interview that’s a particular worry with Florence: “”These bays, these rivers and these inlets, there’s so much storm surge the water is being literally forced to flow the opposite direction. You can get storm surge even several miles inland.”

Q: Is MacLeod Hageman still working at KWWL?

A: Hageman is now with 44News in Evansville, Ind.

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