Q. Since the disinfecting wipes are so hard to purchase, can we use them more than once?

Q. Why can’t people reuse their latex gloves after disinfecting them, instead of wasting them?

Q. If you die of COVID-19d, are you automatically cremated?

Q. Who are the wealthiest people in the U.S. Senate?

Q. What is the difference between Alzheimer's dementia and Lewy Body dementia?

Q: What is a sanctuary city and do we have any in Iowa?

Are the Osmond kids all alive still? If anyone has died, who?

Q. Is it true that it snowed on May 25 in 1947? And if so, how much?

Won’t our census be affected by all the COVID deaths?

How can I call the IRS about my stimulus check? I haven’t got one yet.

When will they repair the railroad track on Wagner Road by the airport?

Q. Is there an egg shortage? Two stores I was in today had raised their prices.

Q. If we do get an order to stay home, will we get arrested trying to get groceries?

Q. Tell me what professions are considered "essential."

Q. How is the coronovirus tested? In the nose? Both nostrils?

Q: Where is the government getting the money for the aid they are sending out?

Q: I’ve been seeing on the internet that some governors are passing laws to not charge people rent or utilities. Will that happen here?

Q. Is it legal to serve alcohol as a takeout service?

Where is the closest Jersey Mike’s sub shop?

Q. Why isn’t it mandatory for people to wear masks in stores?

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