Q. Who is responsible for repairing the deep holes in the parking lot and entrance to Capri College and other stores near Crossroads?

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Q. Was there ever a Donutland in Waterloo?

Q: What has happened with the Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo since it was closed?

Q. On the Cedar Falls Council, when will Darrah, Miller and Hansen will be up for re-election?

Q. The Jan. 13 paper asked what coleslaw was, and you said it was a squash. But it’s a cabbage salad. Will you correct that?

Q. What are they building on Greenhill near the Community Foundation?

Q. Where is the financing coming from for the charging stations being installed in Cedar Falls?

Q. At University and Falls, there is a new car wash. Is the company from out of state? Did the city give them any incentives?

Q. Is it against the law for cousins to get married?

Q. A recent article on a church dinner said kushaw would be served. What is that?

Q. Do you have rules for the first newborn of the year? Must the parents be married?

Q. I see people using the abbreviation “SMH” – what does it stand for?

Q. Is Image Pointe adding on to its building, or is that work for another business?

Q: Why does my clock go only to 12 when there are 24 hours a day?

What am I doing wrong? I can’t get butterscotch chips to melt down like chocolate chips.

Q. I heard a rumor they were going to film a Hallmark movie in the Amana Colonies. Is there any truth to that?

Q. How long was Trump a member of the Democratic Party? What year did he leave?

Q. Is the city going to change the intersection at University and Ansborough?

Q. Why did Cedar Falls install a charging station for cars that takes eight hours, while Waterloo is installing ones that take 45 minutes?

Q. It's been nine months since the roof at Lowell School caved in. Are there plans to fix that?

Q: Does the police department still have Rambo?

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