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Q: What is the difference in politics between a progressive and liberal?

A: Though many use the terms interchangeably, here’s what political commentator David Sirota, who claims both labels, wrote in Huffington Post: “Liberals” focus on using taxpayer money to help better society. “Progressives” are focused on using government power to make large institutions play by a set of rules.

Q: If someone accidentally shot themselves with a pistol, can they still get a concealed weapons permit?

A: According to Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson, “It all depends on the situation, circumstances, and whether a law enforcement investigation was conducted and what that conclusion was. The law prohibits weapons permitting or possession of those who pose a risk to themselves or others. At face value, an ‘accidental’ shooting likely does not trip this or several of the other exclusions — but depending on the situation and circumstances, it could.”

Q: Can you print an update on the electric utility lines that were supposed to go across Iowa to provide electricity out east?

A: If the caller is referencing the Rock Island Clean Line project, developers withdrew the petition seeking permission from the Iowa Utilities Board to build the line across Iowa in December 2016.

Q: In Call the Courier it indicated the billionaire who does the impeachment ads is a hedge fund manager. Is he associated with any products we would purchase?

A: Not that we can tell. Tom Steyer founded Farallon Capital Management, which primarily manages money for university endowments, foundations and wealthy individuals.

Q: Do any of the people posted in Black Hawk County’s Most Wanted ever get arrested?

A: Yes. Brice Lippert, Waterloo Police spokesman, said, “It goes in waves but quite often they are either arrested or they turn themselves in once they see their picture posted.”

Q: Where was the choir from that sang “Stand by Me” at the royal wedding?

A: That was the Kingdom Choir of England. According to the choir website, “Formed of individual singers and performers from in and around London, England, the Kingdom Choir is a group of like-minded artists dedicated to creating a sound that demonstrates the community they share. The choir has been performing up and down the country and all around the world for over 20 years.”

Q: Airing on PBS this fall is a new documentary produced by Ken Burns titled the “Mayo Clinic.” What time will it air on television this fall?

A: It’s set to air in late September.

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