Fans of Japanese heartthrob actor Kento Yamazaki have to pinch themselves to keep from kissing him when he leans in with lazy machismo at a virtual-reality event in Tokyo.

In one restaurant scene presented by Fuji TV on Sony's PlayStation VR headgear, you've just cooked a pasta dish. Yamazaki, a squeeze from the hit TV show "When There is Someone You Love," condescendingly but lovingly tells you it could use a squeeze of lemon.

He then brings the pasta-wrapped fork to your mouth. Cue melted hearts.

In another scene, you are side by side with him on a balcony, looking up at the moon and stars. It's hokey and predictable, but a must-feel outing for fans.

The experience was part of a summer festival that cost 2,000 yen (about $18). Though you missed this one, Fuji TV is already planning others and has demonstrated VR dating with a TV show announcer.