The anti-environment Farm Bureau Federation and the anti-environment "Real" coalition on TV have no place in the 21st century. They will happily trash and boil the planet for future generations to deal with, if it means they can squeeze out a little more short-term profit.

WaterlooWho commented on Yes, Green New Deal a bad idea

Dennis Clayson is the kind of guy who would happily let the world burn, as long as he's not alive to deal with the consequences.

Also, the rich do have secret stashes actually. They're called tax havens.

Get the new bins, make it mandatory, and educate, educate, educate. It's great for the environment and the City's bottom line.

WaterlooWho commented on Why Rep. Steve King shouldn’t resign

Here I thought the writer was going to say King shouldn't resign specifically because he's been stripped of all his committee positions.

Tear it down and do what? Build another parking lot?

WaterlooWho commented on Letters to the Editor Monday, Jan. 28

For me, it's not so much about eating GM potatoes vs. non-GM potatoes. It's about the fact the GM commodity crops are used to mass produce livestock which has led to the McDonaldization of our diets.

The abundance of GM corn hasn't led Americans to eat more corn, it has led us to eat…

It's a little ironic that after sharing her personal story, she says the bill needs to include Trump's wall because that's what HE wants to see. Sounds like enabling the bully, so he can get his way.

What kind of black-and-white reporting is this? The unemployment rate tells you very little. The UNDERemployment rate is what kids should be concerned with. 50% means there's a 50/50 shot you end up waiting tables. Not good advice.

Looks like everybody, even Kwik Star has an opinion about roundabouts. I've visited the Kwik Star in Janesville several times, which is next to two roundabout intersections, and don't see what the problem is.

Omg people, just walk a couple of blocks. There's plenty of parking all over State, Washington, Clay, etc. Didn't they just finish a study that showed as much?

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