It might be time to admit that turning this program over to “For Profit Companies” was a bad idea.
The companies will negotiate every year, non stop.
We haven’t saved anything folks.
Iowa used to have a 4-5% expense & now around 12+%, so at a $5 plus Billion expense we just…

That’s great for the GOP now, but they will be singing a different song when they eventually lose control. Leave things alone, court rulings will never satisfy everyone.

He wants to use vouchers for private schools! State Tax Money should be used for our state schools, especially high schools. It’s not our job to makeup tuition gaps in the private sector!

How can you outright lie about Taiwan replacing China as top soybean buyers? The price of beans are currently $7.70 at Buckingham Coop after they have risen 30-40 cents the last few weeks. Europe does not want our GMO products, so please don’t be fooled by DC tweets.

Please, this has nothing to do with Hubbell & Democrats. He was fired because of sexual harassment & probably sat through numerous classes about it. Do you suppose we can blame Hubbell for closing Sears & JC Penny too?

Gorsuch states what pressures judges in other countries face, Seems strange to me that he’s speaking with Sessions? Is Trump pressuring him? Sessions?. Grassley? Strange.

Let’s just say, that if any Democratic president did this, these same republican farmers would be screaming bloody murder!
Apple is worth over a trillion dollars, maybe they should foot some of this bill?
We are about a month away from the $12 Billion payday, just to influence your v…

As a former coal lobbyist, how could he possibly care about farmers.???

With corn down 11 cents today & beans off 41 cents, the farmers votes should be easier to get if you play your cards right. 👍

Sad, if a Democratic president was doing this, these same people would be screaming bloody murder...
More sales to Europe, lies as they do not want our GMO products.
$12 Billion in aid?? Just how many votes will that buy??

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