It's time CF allows them like waterloo. It was a rash law, not well planned.

They want to replace them now that they have NOT kept them up. Also they want centers not pools. If the plex pools are not used WHY were they built? Just like most government projects to waste tax money.

Just a drunk fest.

Wind power is a waste. It is very expensive and need much up keep. Stop offering tax breaks, credits and any other freebies. You will find that wind power will die. Watch U Tube vids of them burning, falling and breaking up. Build more Nukes!

Love the smell of 2,4-D in the morning. Groups like these need to end. I spray the heck out of my yard and enjoy upsetting these nuts. I like my "green" yard.

No parking problem again. CH has had a problem for years but the city does not want to fix it. They do just like this DT study, study and study. It always turns out the same, parking is ok. These studys are a joke. Maybe change at city hall will bring parking change. Time to clean house.

NO! They want to waste money just like all taxing governments.

Stop wasting taxpayer money on this "project". No one wants it, it's a money pit and will never make a dime. Many years ago taxpayer money was use for this pit time to stop the loss.

About time the taxpayer is listen to. Government does not care about the taxpayer, they only want to raise taxes. They aways blame PD and Fire for the raise, but that's just a scare tactic. It's time governments do more with less. Drop QOL programs.

She should keep the K9. It's the council, mayor and chief that need to go.

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