Man, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel if you're turning to Elizabeth Warren for support. Yikes.

Amazing. 2 people are in the hospital with serious injuries and all some of you are worried about is a picture of the dog that put them there. Get your priorities straight. Good grief.

Absolutely gorgeous! These old buildings are worth saving-History is worth saving. I certainly appreciate your efforts.

[quote]bigblklady said: "I think the vigil is a very nice idea. But I am a little disgusted with the race comment also. That was very unnecessary to say. How about- I feel for all friends and family and want to help out my fellow community members? That would have done just fine I think…

[quote]troutman92 said: "scooterbug....just tell me what they need the money for is all. That was all I was asking. You are correct, if people don't want to donate then don't. However, I never said I did not want to, or haven't. I wanted to know why the family needed donations: there ar…

Wonderful! Troutman is right, the fields that have been worked on in Waterloo look great!

Waterloo needs a nice baseball/softball complex for kids. Although my son is now playing high school ball, we traveled far and wide to tournaments for several years, and spent lots of money in ot…

Even though callie061882 doesn't think Darin needs another restaurant, I bet the former employees would be appreciative.

Hope it pans out.

[quote]tooconfused said: "I have the same concern. I can see money going to "up" the reward, or pay for some of the rescue services, but can't understand any other reasons for donations."[/quote]

Don't donate if you have an issue with it. There. Problem solved.

[quote]unifight14 said: Just because someone doesn't believe the same thing you do does not mean his comment needs to be censored. [/quote]

True. My problem was his comments were rude, distasteful, and lacked any compassion for the family.

The hypocrisy of many atheists is a …

Annndd he's still talking.

IowanAtheist said: Blahblahblah blahblahblah blahblahblahblah

You "Atheists" crack me up... Always complaining and whining about those who "believe" and how they're shoving religion and their beliefs down your throats. HA! Look in …

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