I'm not so sure the officer knew that the fire truck would be there a minute later. Better safe than sorry I think.

Congrats! Way to go! Wow and her sister an All-American at Kirkwood and attending UNI next year!

I loved this story...thank you so much for sharing. To you, sir, hats off and thank you so much. We don't see enough stories like this about people who care. Thank you again.

DaddyTJ you and your family will be our prayers. I certainly hope he will be okay.

This is probably one of the MOST ridiculous concepts I have heard from government in a long time! Spend a million bucks, use it a year, then tear it down? C'mon!

He posted a $200,00 bail? How much cash do you have to lay out for that? Seriously I don't know. Not so sure I could come up with that many $$$$$. Guess I will stay a law-abiding citizen!

I agree......WOW! I have a six month old granddaughter.....wow I cannot begin to imagine. Stunned is my reaction.

My heart also goes out to all involved in this senseless act. Thank you for your thoughts, DaddyTJ. I also remember that day. My heart goes out to you as well. "Here I am. Send me".

Kinda gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "hitting the jackpot" LOL

Congrats, Jim! I always look forward to your wrestling columns and your on-line coverage.

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