I love it instead of buying one sign and getting the negative reaction they figured they would. they buy a bunch of worthless signs and now have to throw them away

I thought the landfill opened a new cell so this would not happen anymore?

I'll see your dollar and raise it to 2 dollars.

It is an attack from the religious right on peoples freedom from religion. When I was growing up many people went to church so religion had a say as to how people thought and acted. Now a lot of people don't go to church and religion has lost that control over peoples lives. When people p…

I like how the same people that would pull out a cell phone and record half of an incident with a police officer. Start yelling about privacy when the police started wearing cameras and recording the WHOLE incident.

rmanross commented on House struck by bullet

Why call the police if your not going to give them your name.

Maybe do a DNA test on him and run it thru the FBI. If he is kicking and screaming this loud he either needs a padded cell or is scared some other heinous crime will be exposed.

Mr, Hackett you can buy an inexpensive security system at Walmart. Put a couple of cameras trained on the park. Any thing to see can help the police with problems in the park.

The state wants to attract businesses to the state but they don't want to spend the money for education. Which any good business needs educated workers to run their business.

The police don't usually release the names till all family is notified. The courier usually waits till the police give them the names.

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