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The Historic Gilbertville Depot on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail

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The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) is an advocacy front group that is part of the Koch political network. It is largely funded by money funnelled through groups tied to Kochs, such as Americans for Job Security, Center to Protect Patient Rights (now called American Encore), and Freed…

Trumps enablers choose to ignore his outrageous behavior - Thomas is one of the worst

Good editorial - in my opinion Saudi Arabia is worse than Iran. Iran like many of the countries that have resisted the United States white privilege of exploitation is demonized - it's always the same, the only thing that changes is America's excuse for doing it.

Gee Grassley why not call your old treacherous buddy Moscow mitch or do you all only work together when it advances the republican agenda

I'm glad people care enough to get involved, my point is that it takes more than going to a few council meetings to know what's going on. I think it's important to be informed .

Republican's are just now coming to terms with their mad king. As Grassley said "we got screwed". It's important to remember Republicans own Trump and the problems he's causing.

The guy's gone to a few council meetings and now he's got all the answers - boy that was easy.

I hope this sweet little guy fully recovers - he's been though a lot.

Come on Fred, trump is destroying America and you're whining about deer eating your flowers - get a grip man

Well written and deadly accurate.

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