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Glad they are finally coming to CF. We love the one in Iowa City

If I remember correctly, there were way too many people in the van and the baby was not in a car seat. It is tragic, but possibly having the baby in a proper seat may have saved his life

I sure hope someone that doesn't have rich businessmen in their back pocket runs agains him and wins

Can't they get a court order to not allow her to breed anymore? She obviously can't tke care of them at all

With all the traffic on this road, I sure hope they leave it at 4 lanes and widen the lanes. They are too narrow now.

That's a bad decision. The employer has a right to know if the person they are hiring to handle money, merchandise or whatever has a record, especially for theft, but also things like sexual assault and other things.

He's not a "Man" a man wouldn't hit someone and leave

What do most chief of police in a similar size city make? That seems high to me, but I don't know the going wages.

Get rid of him and his roundabouts and PSO's

Raccoon1 commented on Late-term abortion not a right

So, you think injecting a baby with a medicine to kill it is right? It's still a living baby. No one has the right to decide if the baby should live or die just because it's mother decided she doesn't want it. There are many couples that would love to adopt that child.

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