[censored] stereotypes !! It's the owner not the dog. :(

PatrynXX commented on One injured in Cedar Falls crash

on columbia drive I don't think that'll be the only one this morning. bang screech and sirens shortly after Was maybe 8:20 or after this morning..

any mayor who is pro firefighter gets my vote. So far haven't heard anything

anyone who supports the firefighters gets my vote. If you don't you don't..

Almost think a real actual Libertarian is running Cedar Falls where you have to pay up front for protection :( not safe. First dangerous (for getting hit , not me hitting others) round abouts that yeah more than CF wants to admit are going around them . Formerly quiet streets are busy …

Well this was an issue when I was working at the courier across the street over 10 years ago.. Parking? where??? Personally probably should tear down part of the old Courier and build a parking space or several layers of parking space in that area. Although some of it is a bit older than…

Back when the Courier was printed actually in Waterloo (cedar falls area) it is WCF.. Could only call it two things The Courier or Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier... , but 12 + inches oh maybe 2007-2008 season meh get to work (10:30pm ) except my cars wipers were shot from the ice storm I …

Rather Annoying, it's cities like Waterloo and Cedar Falls as why the law was passed in Iowa in the first place. Think creates the opposite of what they think will happen. Hey Guns fine, and far more dangerous. But Fireworks people will (they will ) do this unsafely in some area they won't…

Bit late for that. Clearly now those votes were mailed before the deadline so they have to count or whoever the loser is looks very sore.. :( Count the vote !!

Figures. It's just a shell today :(

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