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Here is the problem people. When something like this happens or anything where you are questioned and you think you might be hiding something that doesn't relate, it doesn't matter because when it is found out it raises red flags about honesty and just putting everything out on the table. An…

pantherfan1 commented on UPDATE: Divers going in Meyers Lake

Wylma Cook on Wednesday confirmed that Lyric had tried to run away from home several days before the cousins were reported missing. She said Lyric packed a bag after her father got mad at her for not completing her chores.

“She headed for the door, and I grabbed her,” Cook said. “She d…

Thank you!

Did not see the Anderson Cooper interview. What about it? I thought the Jane interview was strange. Smiling and talking about swimming at the lake for five weeks going over that several times. I know none of us can say how we would act, but I am sure I would be crying/begging whoever took my…

The camera's do not record, just a live feed. What is going on with the mom on Headline News smiling about swimming which she mentions twenty times? Weird.

What about the political dollars he gave to candidates, like Walt Rogers?

It should go back, and signage should be taken down.

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I am confused, is Iowa an at will work state? I thought a company can fire, cut wages, do whatever without reason.

Peregrine Charities has given at least 1.5 million dollars to Eastern Iowa Hospitals. Curious if this organization will be investigated too.

Brookshanes-You have no idea why that resturant was kept going. Heck for all we know, he could have kept it open to hide money. Who knows. We already all know how it was started and how it continued being operated and it was not with his money. They did have great food, but that is not the p…

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