Darin!! I believe that the cedar valley has caught on to how you do your business! It's obvious that you close up your establishment's at the drop of a hat and people are fed up with it and your revenue suffers from that! And finding out that you of all people don't pay your bills on time re…

I wouldn't vote for him if he was selling cookies!! Given what he did the the working class unions I wouldn't vote him in to a bingo game! This guy is BAD for Iowa

Sick ! Just absolutely disgusting to have that happen to anyone!

Problem starts when applicants have felony records. But I guess it blame other people for the bad choices that a person makes. Simply put! If you want society to look at everyone equally than don't BREAK THE LAW! That goes for ALL RACES!

Regardless backed up to a golf course. Those lots are extremely small. But as always someone will be the gullible one and buy and build. I like my acreage better thank you!

Glad to see he hasn't changed a bit!!! Still steals bikes! This guy is such a piece of work! Hope prison knocks on his door!

outdoorsman commented on Iowa House 60 rivals debate

Last session the Republican party has written a bill eliminating the IPERS retirement fund! It's called SF45. Feel free to look it up

Iowa REPUBLICANS have written a bill last session eliminating IPERS its called SF45.

Do not vote for Republican especially this one! They have stripped the bargaining rights and next is IPERS

At all costs do NOT let this guy back in!! He is one of many Republicans who cheated people out of bargaining rights and so much has not come to the surface of what the REPUBLICANS have done, like workmanship comp for example and so much more they are not telling people about what all that …

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