So this guy went from trying to save lives to hiring a hitman in a few months time??

If the government did not let them in they would be accused of breaking up families.

The story doesn't make the sense why would you stop a car and get out if someone was shooting at you. My guess is she chased someone down and after she got out to kill them they returned fire.

I don't care how old she is,if she is involved in a shooting the name should be published.

what is the point of having laws if they let people off with probation.This was not something that happened acidently or a momentary lapse of judgement,this was a planned crime.

It sounds like he has been in and out repeatedly for parole violations,why not just make him serve the whole 35 years and forget him,,if he wanted to be a free man he would be more responsible and not take such stupid actions

First to declare,first to drop out. Trump can get under her skin with a sound bite,what will she do when a dozen democrats that she thought supported her start questioning every vote and quote she has ever had?

If these guys were better shots they wouldn't waste so many bullets

I was simply making the point that someone that works fewer hours is not automatically entitled to equal pay

5 million seems like a lot for am old man that has lived in the area all his life.There are 20 year olds from out of state that kill people that only get one million bond

The story says that Black Hawk pays less than other counties.Has anyone compared vacation time pension and other benefits .I used to work at Deere and didn't get near the paid time off and pension that some public employees get