As far as the money that Deere spends in the are,there are times when they spend 5 million for a building addition and 20 million for the machines that go in it.I don't think they pay property tax on machines that can be unbolted and pulled out. When the casino was built I think it was to…

I wonder how many women went to him regularly because they liked his extra attention

How can a 16 year old have been convicted of a felony. served his time and be back out already.Does the state just give free passes to juveniles? Maybe the puvlic should have control over the parole board and keep felons locked up for more than a day.

How did the shooter know where the bus was going?Those on the bus are lucky there wasn't multiple shooters laying in wait for them

No one forced Leslie to come here,Lind and Jacobs were entitled to question his abilities,the fault lies with the other councilmen who took the word of a stranger who had failed in Omaha but still thought he had a magic wand that would transform the convention center

Will either one say anything important?

oldiowa commented on Congress must impeach Trump

A lot of republicans would be happy to see trump gone and have Pence successfully run the government for the next 18 months,maybe if the democrats would all quit fighting among themselves for a chance at the next presidency they would do more than waste time making idle threats about impeach…

He is lucky the other deputies didn't shoot him,,he could have got off with domestic abuse and now he faves attempted murder,about as dumb as the people that try to run from police over a speeding ticket

The county is worried about runoff from hog buildings but the city of Waterloo dumps 12,000 gallons of sewage a day into a river that towns downstream use for drinking water

Just another shooting ,probably gave someone a dirty look or stepped on a toe at a bar earlier and this was the result,just about anyone can get shot around here if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time

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