Margaret has no filter, I've had my own run in with her back in the mid 90's, I would not be surprised if it were true. I have known her for over 30 years and she hasn't changed a bit.

OldandGrey commented on Lavada “Dustie” Dowd (1928-2018)

I am sorry to hear of Dusty's passing I have many great memories growing up as a child going to their house and playing with her son Joe.

What do roundabouts have anything to do with this accident? This accident happened in front of the Biolife Plasma Services on Viking Road not at Viking Road and Highway 58 which is going to be fixed starting this year with construction of the underpass.

Our kids live in the Seattle area and ever since Delta left we have not found any reasonable prices ($275.00/$350.00) per ticket out of Waterloo compared to finding some at Des Moines or Minneapolis. We saved over $300.00 per ticket to fly from Des Moines to Seattle at the end of March for a…

I know a teacher at East waterloo high school she hears the kids talking all the time about how vicious their dogs could be. They think it's cool it's obvious they get it from their parents.

That is ridicules, the GOP wants no compromise no matter how small. Their way or the highway. That kind of thinking is why this country is in such a mess, neither party wants to work TOGETHER for the good of the country instead they worry about the good of the party. What will it take to rep…

What the officer in charge said this morning was he shot out the glass in the door/window to gain entry. He was not buzzed through as someone had wondered earlier. It looks like they have the same entry system we have here in Cedar Falls at St. Pats. Please pray for the families in Newtown.

[quote]cfgolf said: "I doubt CF location would have done better after newness wore off but I think a Culvers in the proposed CF Sonic area would do great. Not sure why there is very little fast food/casual dining options near Target, Wal Mart, Farm Fleet and the coming Menards and Sche…

CJ you will be missed by all of your friends and coworkers. God Bless, RIP.

I have known Matt and his family almost all of his life, wonderful people. That being said I would never vote for him, he is way too extreme politically for me. Anyone who believes in Bob Vander Platts and his off the wall mentality loses my vote. Matt needs to keep working with our youth he…

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