Dems trying to replace one closeted politician with another...

So, band fires creative leader for pushing Mr. Roboto. Then, aging has-been band resurrects said song to save themselves. Then band member talks about forgiving former creative leader. Yup, pull the cord and flush the remnants of Styx...

Down grading CS Mall to Hospice from Stage Five Terminal Mall Cancer.

Fireman. Axe. One wack. Problem solved.

City of Waterloo repairing potholes, just not in the highly taxed, mostly white, west Waterloo neighborhoods.

If Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have NO standards!

So he had guns...did he use them in the commission of his crimes? No? Then why the reporting?

So much for prison justice for pedo-killers.

You're front and center there, aren't you RealJoke?

Democrats always get the support of the circus performers...especially the clowns. Always the clowns.