Spartacus “packs” a house...meanwhile President Trump packs stadiums.

So where are these helicopters going to go? They suddenly aren’t dematerialized or this is another rich healthcare vs. rich healthcare corporate fight. Like KWWL vs. the cable company every couple of years.

noprintmedia commented on COLUMN: US must reclaim idealism

Planned Parenthood? The organization founded by Eugenicist and racist Phyllis Sanger? Oh yeah, progress at its finest. Gary, you made more sense as a singing restauranteur...

Why doesn’t the City of Waterloo just had their checkbook over to the Bertch’s for this project? Just pay for it for them in gratitude of how AWESOME they are!

Gee, I wonder what the unintended consequences of THIS ‘ordinance’ will be?

Leaving YOUR OWN LAW FIRM for $115,000 a year? Math must not be his strong suit...

Maybe cut out all the ‘directors’ salaries? Jus’ sayin’...

Open by Labor Day...tossed out by Thanksgiving.

Gee Stan, what great advice! I do it with YOUR column every time it’s printed!

Why are OUT OF STATE groups getting involved in this LOCAL election? Say Get Out Greider!

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