This makes me sick, no one wants to take responsibility for their actions, these 2 know happen and won't take the blame for killing a baby. There will be justice one way or another either here on earth or in afterlife. Rest in peace sweet baby, you are in God's loving hands now.

Needs to have someone wipe that smile off his arrogant face. Shows right there he feels his fame will get him what he wants.

Why is he allowed to where what looks like sunglasses. The smirk on his face is discussing.

Thankful the system will not allow that baby to go to her or any other family member. Both of those children deserved to be loved and cared for, such a sad short life for Sterling. RIP little one.

Thank God, justice was served.

This is where we need tougher laws for animals, that man is a sick sorry excuse of a human being. He belongs in jail.

Lois commented on Quote of the Week

Thank you for being that baby's voice. Job well done.

Lock them up for good.

Justice has been served, but nothing will take away the pain that baby suffered in his short life. RIP you are in God's hands now.

How can someone defend a person like that, so what the boy doesn't remember every detail, he is 10 years old. If they didn't want him give him to someone that does. Once again where are the grandparents?

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