So where exactly would a person in a kayak or canoe go? There's a dam less than 300 yards downstream. Any bets on what kind of boat is the first over the dam??

Nice bit of self serving P.R.

“For other CAB concerts, this is not how it’s handled usually,” Brown said. “It seems whenever there is a black artist that comes on campus, this occurs.” Right before this quote the article stated that cutting off public tickets has NEVER happened. before. You can't complain about fake ne…

Are the names of the jurors confidential? Why aren't they printed??!!

When are they going to remove all their illegal signs seeking employees around town at various intersections?????

I think as far as anyone has gone is to say the ISO rating drop MAY raise homeowner's insurance rates. No Way is that remotely likely for the vast majority of homeowners and commercial property in CF. Sure if you want to live out in the woods far from a hydrant, one of the easily anticipat…

DNR isn't the only one opposed. Dumb idea from the git go. There's only 3 feet of water in patches both up and down stream, during certain times of the year (August) not to mention rocks! The other completely predictable occurrence is an injury or fatality if this project was done.

Isn’t his employer to blame as well? Can’t tell me the employer didn’t know he was here illegally!

How is the RFS anything other than corporate welfare?

So he takes back his plea and then has a trial. Back in the same or a worse position very quickly IMHO

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