Glad they caught him now. This sort of thing escalates
quickly into far worse behavior.

His arrogance and ignorance is mind boggling.

Well... they didn’t hatch this plan while they sat around cleaning their guns. I’m guessing they couldn’t pick Hoppes 9 out of a line up with Pledge, STP, Dawn, Febreze, and Pam.

Makes me hungry for some Kentucky Flied Chicken. Please keep us abreast of any feather

Sometimes when you think you see an obvious answer that everyone else is missing, it is because you don’t fully understand the question. To anyone who routinely drives a large truck, the reason you don’t just pull your 60,000 - 80,000 pound rig off the cement and into a field is a no-brainer.

The city council will due what is in the city council’s (and donors) best interest every time. Until someone with more political then themselves puts a stop to one of their plans. Cedar Falls has become “Little Chicago”. The residents need to learn their places and cough up the cash. Nothin…

No loaded weapons allowed at almost any gun show. Holstering and unholstering can be very dangerous, especially for those without proper training. You can now get a CCP online without having ever fired a gun. Bad idea. Unless you have quite a bit experience with semi-auto weapons, you would…

“The Church” has lost its moral authority to instruct. The coverup surrounding sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and the adaptation of the prospeity gospel in many Protestant denominations has turned a nation of would-be Christians into country full of jaded cynics.