No, it will be between someone who has supported a a lying, destructive, malicious president and hopefully someone who is honest, with a spine that truly loves America.

Sewer rat Barbie will not be silenced in her duty of whitewashing the public.

God forbid you’d try to rein in Der Fuhrer. Your savior says he would welcome foreign help in the election. Is that your position? The trade war won’t hurt the farmers with your hero lining their pockets. Oh wait, your pockets too. Even though no dirt under your nails.

Duhpublicans strike again. Build that wall, build that wall, while people all over the country suffer. VOTE!

Read the headline Einstein.

Stick with Don the con all farmers and duhpublicans. You have bought the fear and lies for decades. No sense in changing horses just because yours is dead.

Say hello to Americas first Dictator.

This is pretty hateful, even for Igor Reynolds. It is the duhpublican way, treat those different like dirt and keep the masses ignorant and pregnant. They do care so much for fetuses, until they are born anyway .

Wrap your bible in the flag Donny, it won't help. You're going down Anti-Christ

WWJD What would Jesus Denegrate. Another good Christian slipping on the sandals to take a spin around the detention centers and to gaze upon those filthy poor folk.

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