Hey Iowa can you drop the whole Ethanol thing? Some of us realize it is a giant scam designed for you to have something to do with all the corn you grow, but it is a loss leader when it comes to energy production and burns like **** in my Corvette. I’m turned for 93 octaine minimum, so it …

What do you think he is hiding under that lump on the top of of his head?

Glad they caught the guy. Scumbag.

Does calling it a .380 garner more fear than calling it was it is commonly known as: .38?

I suppose you could legally call it a .380000 caliber. But that wouldn’t have much journalistic integrity.

Haha have fun in prison. Don't come back to CF.

Article said the neighbor's house was undamaged but it looks like his siding got melted. Unless it was already like that...

This issue must be so sensitive they could barely explain what they are talking about. Religious freedom, a college professor "presenting" as the opposite sex, and a boy saying he was a girl to sleep in the girl's cabin in Girl Scouts? WTH??

I suppose if you are dumb enough to gamble you deserve to lose your money.

So abortion is about population control? What population? Because some of our demographics are multiplying rapidly, and others are dwindling. Oh yeah, and it is murder.

Well this seems wrong to me. Why not release it? Not even to the court, during a lawsuit? Wow. Transparency and truth. What is the point of all these cameras if we cannot see the evidence? Looks like Iowa is hiding something.

Have you ever been at a red light in the middle of the night? Nobody else around. Zero headlights. You are stopped. Life ticking by. Waiting... for... this... stupid... machine... to "tell" you when you can go. I am a sentient being. I know when I can go. So I will go.

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