Tell us joe what happened...If you know let the police know...

Every time that I was in Decorah I would stop at Happy Joe's and pick up a pizzas for supper. Jon & Marcia are really good people. Just won't be the same. Thanks for all the Great Pizzas..and friendship...(the grand kids always loved them)...

Where were the parents?

There was a zero where it should not have been. The Courier corrected it...

How come it took so long to inform the public about this?

Will insurance pay if the car was left running unattended ? Isn't it against the law to leave a car running while unattended ? I hope she gets her money.

They put garbage cans in parks for garbage...why not ash trays for the butts?

homer5r20 commented on KWWL names new anchor

Welcome to the Cedar Valley.

Can I burn trash in the city limits or is that just for businesses?

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