Girl selling sweets to make money for school clothes: PROBLEM

Cars consistently driving 20 miles over the speed limit on Union Road and W 12th Street: PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE

What you get for voting for Trump. No sympathy from me.

You are sorely misinformed on what state employees pay for healthcare premiums! My wife and I are state employees and we pay nearly $500/month for a family of four.

Quote: "Finally, is this going to be how the left is going to be for the next four years? Crying and complaining about everything that is said or done? "

SO people who disagree with Trump have NO FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS? As you call it- "crying and complaining". An…

False equivalency argument on your part. So do you condone what happened to this girl because someone beat up a Trump supporter???

During the campaign, Trump made it acceptable to demean women and be both homophobic and Islamophobic. To Trump's supporters commenting here, don't take my word for it, just google and read/watch Trump's own quotes!

Given the now President-Elect's comments and behavior, it's no wonder…

I've witnessed as steady decline in driver courtesy over the past decades. Many drivers do no use turn signals, consistently drive over the speed limit, and tail gate. Law enforcement seems completely absent on Iowa's roadways. When law enforcement is observed, it seems to be there to fu…

The problem I see with this is that roundabouts:

1. Require proper usage of YIELD signs. Most drivers here are confused by yield signs, either blowing through them or treating them as STOP signs.

2. Like 4-way stop intersections, with stop signs, Iowa drivers will follow their bi…

I love the city's logic here: "Cut all the ash trees down before the ash beetles kill the ash trees." So cutting down all the ash trees with chain saws will save the trees before the beetles get them. Brilliant and see the dictionary definition of "OVERREACTING".

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