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If you think Trelka's double talk is bad now wait till he takes his position an a supervisor, sorry to say this is only the beginning! The previous comments were spot on its NEVER been about safety an never will be.

Its clear the Singlespeeds owners have their own beliefs, however money is green no matter which party it comes from. So I feel that just in case they don't like my personal beliefs then I won't patronize their place of business.

Its never been about safety, its all about revenue. This man wants to be voted in as a county supervisor?? I'll pass thanks.

This city can not seem to leave well enough alone. Do you think for one minute that even if you do manage to restrict where they can be sold people will stop buying? Personally, I purchase mine outside the city so they get nothing in taxes, an truly believe everyone should do the same. Thi…

facts are facts commented on Rambo helps Waterloo police nab speeders

They still aren't about safety, they are just unconstitutional revenue generators an are not even collectable if you so choose.

Fireworks show?? Setting off fireworks in the city limits is illegal, oh wait its another do as we say not as we do situation. This cities city council so needs to go...

They claimed they were for safety, now its about revenue. Its already known that they can't force anyone to pay these, so don't count the money before you get it.

Here we go already! They stated these were for SAFETY, an its really all about REVENUE. Everyone needs to remember they can not force you too pay these.

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If we the public are ban from using LEGALLY purchased fireworks, then the ban should include any display in Waterloo otherwise would be a double standard. Of course thats nothing new for this city.

They need to be banned, they are nothing more then revenue generators!