EricB86 commented on James Brustkern (1960-2018)

RIP Jim Bucky Buck Em!!!!

So after doing a third of a third of his twenty years, he will be out in less than 5... Good Lord our system sucks!!!

Let's try to leave the guns at home for this event!!!

Mediacom sucks

Although you have a valid question, you should not be such a jerk as to ask it on the this platform! I'm pretty certain the mother is already asking herself that

Pretty funny how dumb these kids are, taking a life... And then spending the rest of your in a cell, and still smiling... Actually it's not funny, quite sad frankly!!!

If they legalized marijuana, they could pay for these repairs with the tax dollars! Instead of supporting thugs... They use the profits to buy guns and shoot innocent bystanders!

Or better yet.... People learn how to drive in less than perfect road conditions! I see no change from drivers on the road when there are slippery conditions! Leave 15 minutes early, drive slow, and leave greater distances for which to stop

If these kids walk...

*Tait. It's amazing your editors always filter my comments... But can't get a headline right

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