Explain Zsavooz then. That place has put out the nuttiest political signs next to Viking Rd every election cycle for years. Think this has more to do with pricing themselves out of the market for their location.

Easily could have killed someone. Lock this putz up for a couple of years.

Whitver thinks this law has allowed teachers to be paid MORE?! Wow, real special kind of stupid right there. What a hack.

EnglishMom commented on Other people’s money

Oh really? I'm sure those of us a reading a Dennis Clayson column will be surprised to hear this, but what he is saying here is not even close to true. Let's take a look at the Obama administration...

Government Tax Revenue by Year
FY 2016 - $3.27 trillion.
FY 2015 - $3.25 tril…

Is this guy the worst business man in the history of the Cedar Valley?

"Saul wants to dispel the rumor that Black Hawk County has gone blue. "

Rumor? There's literally not a single Republican representing Black Hawk County in the Iowa House or Senate. Is this the "alternative facts" playbook?

Additionally, if you're looking to re…

Walt Rogers “just loves UNI” is one of the funniest things I have read today. Do some research college Republicans, his actual record is that he has cut funding to your school over and over again.

EnglishMom commented on Online only political letter

Paula, with all due respect, you have no idea what you're talking about. That money can not be earmarked for admin, and it would be used to fully fund educational programs and teachers - both have been cut over the last decade while Walt and the Iowa GOP have funded schools at a rate below i…

So Walt sees taking money intended for public schools and sending it to private schools with no oversight as "smart"? It's well documented how underfunded our public schools are and Walt in the past has lead the fight to divert public school money to private schools through voucher…

Swalwell actually has not made an official presidential announcement.

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