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To panthergrad & Subl1m1nal,

Thank you both for your replies. I appreciate them and can admit when I'm wrong. Sometimes my passion blinds me to other aspects of an issue so your comments helped me see the bigger picture.

The turnout is a good sign and people have a right to …

OK, I'm gonna start out by saying my comments are going to be extremely biased because I'm an EHS Trojan, attended the game (and actually stayed until the end), and have a son who's a SR on the football team. I was sorely disappointed in much!

Many of the "injuries" seemed to…

Wow, what a cool thing to do. When I read the original story about the sudden closing, I felt for those families. My "baby" is a high school sr, but I can remember a time when I had to quickly find replacement child care for my 2 children and how completely stressed I felt.

It is near a daycare facility. The African-American Historical and Cultural Museum (pictured in the story) is directly across the street from the front entrance of the East Side Ministerial Alliance (EMA). The daycare is on the back side of the EMA building.

I live near this area and e…

OK people, since I'm relatively new on this forum I have to ask...I Scream, are you being sarcastic or are you serious? Please let us know.

I wonder why my comments weren't posted. Sort of disappointing considering it was my first time contributing to the discussion.

Does anyone know who to contact at the Courier to make sure my user info is set up correctly?

bluefaery...I wasn't in attendance, but I wish I had been. I did listen to it on a local radio station and didn't think there was anything political about it either.

ILA and artsgrad...Most graduation speeches are written to inspire, encourage, and usher in new beginnings to it's part…