Always about race and it won’t change until it’s realized that racists is real. Only ones that don’t realize it is the privileged

Racism won’t go away because of racists. Racists have a lot to say on social media!!! Social media gives cowards a voice. I’m not scared we can sit down and talk. See who smarter than who.

White people steal all the time and never go to jail. Due process don’t judge

Really??? A man has lost his life to a tragic accident and the first comment I read is about the gun... I know personally that he knew how to handle weapons and has for a very long time.. This is very sad and my condolences and prays go out to the family... We just lost a good man!!!

I wonder why no one commented on this case. People are always commenting when black people commit crimes. I'm just saying...

Don't judge!!!!! Walk a mile in her shoes

It's always good to be able to read something positive in the news instead of all the negative that is usually printed

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