I wonder if the city will be sued over the grocery store, too.

I guess the summer adage “Suns out, guns out” has a new meaning.

A380 and a 38 are not the same caliber weapon. A 9 mm, a 380 and a 38 all are the same dimension bullet, but they have different casings and powder charges. Sounds to me like these guys are criminals whether or not you try to down play the fact by attacking the integrity of the reporter.

Don’t worry, the Mayor will offset the water and sewer rates with some of the highest property rates in the state.

I find it quite Humorous that Pat “ the king of the commies’ is the one who suggested this. He is all about big government.

Would it be too much to ask for them to do a 1.75% better job?

Too bad there’s not a camera that can catch the drunks and stoners out driving around while they’re partying. It would also be nice if parents were made to put their children in car seats. In my opinion, that’s more dangerous that 5 mph over the limit.

How about the supervisions don’t get a raise and we give that money to the sheriffs Dept.

Rudy Jones and the folks in his office do a fantastic job helping the less fortunate in our community.

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