Good column. In addition to the cities she mentioned, Ames has voted to spend $122 million on a new high school. And Ankeny has voted to $117 million on a new high school. Do we want new businesses locating in these other Iowa cities instead of here?

The choice is between a democracy and the rule of law, or a dictatorship where the president breaks the laws on a daily basis. And Senator Ernst sits like a bump on a log and allows Trump to do it. She won't even vote for a law that would keep the Russians from interfering in our election…

lol at Trump, "I'm the best thing that ever happened to farmers." Also, "I know more than the generals."

Flyboy, take it from me, an old Army grunt: if you vote no, you'll see lots of trailers at the high school because enrollment is growing 100 every year. Then when we finally do build the high school three years later it will cost $10 million more because of increased construction costs.

No, Sen Grassley, Mueller did NOT say the same thing Barr said. Mueller spoke out because Barr misrepresented the Mueller report on several points. You admitted you did not read the report; maybe you should. Russians interfered in that election, Trump welcomed the help and then obstructe…

Fair and balanced, Courier? Biden and Trump come visit; Biden gets one sentence. Trump gets 13 paragraphs.

Republicans: Masters of Obstruction

Joni doesn't represent Iowa, she represents the Koch Brothers.

Hinson voted to take away local control from cities and counties, so I suppose she would vote to take away state control if she gets elected to Congress.

Every year, dozens of businesses are deciding whether to locate in Cedar Falls or in another town. When they come visit and see our current high school and compare that to much newer high school buildings in other cities, we will lose those businesses.

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