Racists, in Waterloo? Surely you jest! Quick, someone give that man a badge and a cruiser!

Anyone that is looking at candidates that may have been outside of Iowa at some point of their life?

As someone that lives in cedar falls, I cannot imagine time travelling back to when a top speed of 100 mb is considered fast, or attractive for a home, let alone a small business.

Why not improved morale with Waterloo cops to show he knows how?

Will he do a better job staying out of politics as a sheriff than he does as a cop? He is constantly politicking and trying to get new laws passed.

Cedar Falls will welcome the employers that find this ordinance unappealing with open arms. While I agree with the idea of this ordinance, it's economically unsound to pass at a local level, as it is just going to drive businesses away to another location less than a 10 minute drive away,…

Why mention that one parent involved in trying to stop bullying was a senator, and not mention the occupation of the parent engaged in bullying? If it matters one was a senator, it matters the other was a waterloo police officer.

It's 2019, why are we eating time and money on prayer? Stop praying, and start doing your jobs!

I guess I am willing to pay a little more for a better fire department, and wish the city would stop trying to reduce our safety.

Unless vendors lower prices, I see no value in paying to park downtown

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