Okay ice...that whole statement was not only very stupid, it was dumb hahaha

We you want to laugh about issues that aren’t funny because it’s a joke

People who get caught selling a small bag of a illegal drug gets more time than this, people like this are worst than thugs and only gets a slap on the wrist.

Either help or dont, how could anyone have a problem with someone asking for help? Some people are just miserable.

Genius!! Hahahaha

We need it

I wouldn’t say take it all, but make him or anyone pay for counseling

Why cant this man make his living doing what he does, instead of jumping thorough hoops to do what he does, when he probably makes more money legally in one night than the average joe makes in a year

Patrol cars do a lot of speeding and “California stops” I wonder if that will ever be addressed.

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