Whether I'm a democrat, republican, or independent, this is wrong. Wow Singlespeed, way to bring unity to this world we live in. It's people like you that keep dividing this country further apart. I will never step foot into that brewery again, as well as stock my refrigerator again with your brew!

REALLY stevenbella?? The pickup driver is not responsible for his suffering? REALLY??? WOW. Maybe if it was your child that got hit, you'd think differently. WOW

Sorry. But you just don't hit another human being with your vehicle and just not get out of the vehicle to make sure the person is ok before driving off. It was a human being for petes sake!!!And by the looks of Tysen, the driver hit him pretty good. Common sense says you get out of your veh…

With how he handled this....attempted murder charges should be included. He could of killed someone going at them with a vehicle as his weapon at that rate of speed. He had no regards for anyone's lives or their safety!

I must say I have to agree with London

How sad and yet so preventable.


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