More fake news...let’s allow more chem trail fly overs bombarding people with more chemical fallout. REALLY!!

Stay strong Senator Grassley! Do you think they called us deplorable's… If we are deplorable I wonder how they categorize themselves? I believe that they are a party in despair looking to find some kind of identity for themselves. They call themselves Americans? It is time they started act…

As a graduate of UNI, I truly don't expect donor monies and dollars raised for the other two institutions athletic programs here in Iowa to be shared. That really sounds like socialism at its best.

This is a sad day in the Cedar Valley...Jerry along with his wife Jane were some of the most decent people in the community...They will truly be missed...May they rest in the arms of the Lord.

Congratulations Waterloo!! Our city leaders have made a decision that will prove to be very productive when we look back some time in the future. Dan Trelka and his family are truly assets to the community. Good job Mayor Hart! You got this one right.

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