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Iowa State Trapshooting participates shoot at the Cedar Falls Gun Club Friday. The 139th event wrapped up Sunday. 

CEDAR FALLS | As the final shot was fired Sunday at the 139th Iowa State Trapshoot, ending the six-day extravaganza, a new beginning was being witnessed by all in attendance.

Thirteen-year-old Cody Crabtree was turning heads at every trap, as the young shooter of just four years, was breaking his way into the hearts of all that watched.

Crabtree, who hails from Pattonsburg, Missouri, just finished breaking 98 of his first 100 targets on Saturday and was heading up the standings in the sub-junior category.

The young gun completed his second trip to the Iowa State shoot on Sunday turning 92 of his 100 targets into dust.

"I really like coming here," Crabtree said. "We are starting to travel more and this is one of my favorite places to shoot," Crabtree said of his travels with his parents Debbie and Gabe and grandfather Larry.

"I kind of got hooked watching my grandpa (Larry) shoot at the Outlaws Shoot," added Crabtree. "He really got me started and has helped me a lot. Now I am being coached by Rachel Hopkins at the KCTA club in Smithville, Missouri."

Hopkins is the manager of the KCTA and at the young age of 21 made captain of the Womens All-American Team, the youngest to ever achieve the title.

"We have him go there because they do not have a trap team in Pattonsburg," Gabe said. "It is just too small of a town to have one."

Cody has graduated many times in his short career shooting down clays.

He graduated in the sense of when he started out at nine years old he was using a single shot 4-10, then moved up to a 16-gauge shotgun and just recently began shooting a custom made 12-gauge that seems to suit his style to a tee.

"Dan Lokker is a gunsmith with Giacomo's Sporting out of Pennsylvania, and he built this gun for Cody," his mother Debbie said.

Standing at the posts ready to fire, Crabtree is often shadowed by the men who are shooting next him, including grandpa Larry. The size does not matter to Cody as he blocks out all distractions and bangs away at making the perfect score.

"I did shoot a 100 last year," Cody said. "I have been taught to just stay focused and not think of the other things that are going on," added Cody.

With the elders around him calling out the gruff commands to launch the targets, Cody's voice is a cool and calm peep, that brings fear to the clays that are about to leave the trap house. After each shot Crabtree breaks his gun open and catches the empty case as it leaves the chamber, then deposits the spent casing into his pouch. A style that is used by Hall of Famer Jacque Snellenberger.

"I don't know why I do that I just started it and I don't think about it," Crabtree said. "I have dropped a few when they come out but I think I catch most of them." 

Crabtree, however, probably misses a few more spent shell casings then actually targets these days. 

"When he first started he was shooting in the sixties," Gabe added. "The next year he was in the seventies then followed with the 80's last year," said Gabe. "This year he has been shooting mostly in the 90's."

The younger Crabtree will take his skills on the road in two weeks as he will make the nomadic trip to Sparta, Ill. to shoot with the big guns.

"I really like to travel and this will be my fourth Grand National," Cody said. "I am pretty excited to go."


18-20 YARDS - 1. Allan Wade Bryce (IA) 97, 2. Evan Ingalls (IA) 97, 3. Seth Heinold (IA) 96, 4. Calvin Carter (IA) 95, 5. Joseph Schubert (IL) 95.

21-22 YARDS - 1. Tommy Keeshan (IA) 96, 2. Andrew Schwickerath (IA) 96, 3. Chance Kirchner (IA) 96, 4. Hunter Brown (MN) 95, 5. Martin Hunter (AR) 95.

23-24 YARDS - 1. Tom Berry (IA) 99, 2. Roger Barlow (OH) 98, 3. Lane Berning (MN) 97.

25-26 YARDS - 1. John Shannon (IA) 96, 2. Brad Johnson (IA) 95, 3. Curtis Peterson (MN) 95, 4. Jesse Bremer )IA) 94, 5. Heath Kasperbauer (IA) 94.

27 YARDS - 1. Harlan Campbell Jr. (KS) 98, 2. Dan Campbell (WI) 97, 3. Hardy Musselman (WY) 97, 5. Scott Gens (MN) 96.

LADY I - 1. Kirchner (IA) 96, 2. Carly Berutti (IA) 95, 3. Hannah Vavrik (IA) 93.

LADY II - 1. Carla Bloesl (WI) 95, Denise Dressler (IL) 93, 3. Janice Rigler (IL) 87.

JUNIOR - 1. Evan Ingalls (IA) 97, 2. Seth Heinold (IA) 96, 3. Denton Skogen (WY) 95.

JUNIOR GOLD - 1. Hardy Musselman (WY) 97, 2. Calvin Carter (IA) 95, 3. Austin Tiefenhaler (IA) 94, 4. Zach Warweg (MN) 94.

SUB JUNIOR - 1. Lane Berning (MN) 97, 2. Allan Wade Bryce (IA) 97, 3. Bryan Grotte (MN) 96, 4. Tommy Keeshan (IA) 96, 5. Hunter Martin (AR) 95.

SUB VETERAN - 1. Roger Barlow (OH) 98, 2. Dan Campbell (WI) 97, 3. Brad Johnson (IA) 95, 4. Dale Stockdale (IA) 95.

VETERAN - 1. Curtis Peterson (MN) 95, 2. Samuel Bailey (MN) 92, 3. Raymond Dentlinger (IA) 92, 4. James Malley (IA) 92, 5. Charles Malmgren (IA) 92.

SENIOR VETERAN - 1. Donald Isebrand (IA) 93, 2. Steven Keeley (WI) 93, 3. Mike Ashby (IA) 92, 4. Leo Fuhrmeister (IA) 92, 5. Jim Vorwerk (IA) 92.

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