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WAVERLY — A Decorah girls’ track and field program that consistently ranks among the state leaders will once again be taking a bus full of Class 3A contenders to Des Moines. The Vikings captured Thursday’s district championship at Waverly, and the Decorah boys’ team added a runner-up finish to Vinton-Shellsburg.

Host Waverly-Shell Rock missed out on the team awards but will send its girls’ shuttle team to state along with individual stars Grace Reyerson (high jump), Haley Beckert (100 hurdles) and Grace Hoins (400). Rodrigue Sagbo will make the trip in the 100 dash and will be joined by Sam Kepford who claimed the 800 and 1,600 honors, along with the 4x100 and 4x200 relay squads.

For Decorah, there were a variety of impressive efforts on this day. Take 400-meter runner Jenna Galligan for example.

She made the final turn in her race with ground to make up. Galligan found an extra gear and pushed herself to the finish and won a very close race that will send her to state as a champion.

“I just looked down the track and saw the finish line and saw she was ahead at the time,” Galligan said. “I just thought to myself that I wanted that spot and I was not going to lose it. When I got by her, I just pushed myself harder and I was not going to give it up.

“When I finished I was so tired but I wanted to get to my teammates and share it with them. I was so excited to win for the team.”

Making the top two for an automatic state berth was all Rodrigue Sagbo was thinking about as he anxiously awaited the baton from Jacob Downing in the 4x200 relay. Taking a clean hand off, Sagbo had a pair of different colored jerseys in his path to the finish, and knew he had to find that extra kick in his stride.

On the final turn Sagbo stretched to put himself and his fellow Go-Hawks into second place, but had a ways to go to secure the state qualifying spot. Crossing the tape was a close call as Sagbo leaned hard across and eventually took a tumble to the track.

“I just knew I had to bring it and help get my team to state,” said Sagbo. “I knew it was on me running the anchor, and I was not going to let them down. I did not know if I made it until I heard it over the speakers. We got third in districts last year, but this year we made state.”

Sagbo also qualified for state in the 100 meter dash as he squeezed past Arjay David of Charles City by two tenths of a second.

Megan Hudson of Union, LaPorte City blew by the competition in the 100-meter hurdles by a full second but believes she has more in the tank.

“I thought I would run really smooth and had a good chance tonight,” said Hudson, a state runner-up last year in Class 2A. “We are really pushing ourselves after taking second last year and we have our sights set on first.

“We lost some very good seniors from that team, but we have a strong team right now that is running with a lot of confidence. It is exciting that we are going down to state with so many people.”

Sam Kepford scored well for the host Go-Hawks as the sophomore distance runner grabbed second in the 1,600 and first in the 800 and distance medley.

“I was really happy winning and knowing I was going to state,” Kepford said. “It has just been a great day, especially winning the distance medley, which I did not expect I had a chance. This is my first trip to state and it is going to be a great time down there with my teammates.”

Crestwood junior Ellie Friesen is no stranger to state competition. The cross country, basketball and track star won the 800 and 1,500 and finished second in the 3,000 and distance medley to lead the Cadets.

The state track and field meet begins Thursday at Drake Stadium in Des Moines.

Waverly state qualifier


TEAM STANDINGS—1. Decorah 162.0, 2. Charles City 103.5, 3. Union LaPorte City 101.0, 4. Crestwood 95.5, 5. Waverly-Shell Rock 83.0, 6. Center Point-Urbana 82.0, 7. Vinton-Shellsburg 62.5, 8. Independence 47.5.


HIGH JUMP—1. Audrey Powers (ULP) 5-00.00, 2. Grace Reyerson (WSR) 5-00.00, 3. Sharon Goodman (Crest) 4-10.00.

LONG JUMP—1. Katie Saner (Crest) 17-00.00, 2. Kaylee Hosch (Ind) 16-08.25, 3. Krissa Larson (WSR) 16-05.00.

DISCUS—1. Martin (CC) 126-03.50, 2. Loeckle (CC) 120-11.00, 3. Goodman (Crest) 118-01.00.

SHOT PUT—1. Sara Martin (CC) 40-00.25, 2. Lauren Wilson (CPU) 37-04.00, 3. Hailey Nierling (Dec) 37-01.25.

SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY—1. Decorah (Rose Gullekson, Brynne Valkosky, Kayla Quandahl, Brooke Berns) 1:50.80, 2. Union (Jasmyn Bush, Hailee Brown, Hudson, Maggie Driscoll) 1:51.08, 3. Independence (Sydney Hearn, Allie Jo Zeiser, Kaylee Hosch, Kaitlyn Niedert) 1:51.89).

3000—1. Adrianna Katcher (CPU) 10:22.39, 2. Ellie Friesen (Crest) 10:35.93, 3. Josephine Berlage (Dec) 10:54.87.

4x800—1. Decorah (Sarah Mikkelson, Jenna Galligan, Shayla Betts, Katie Nimrod) 9:50.81, 2. Charles City (Whitney Martin, Gillian King, Sami Heyer, Mackenzy Bilharz) 10:02.05, 3. Waverly-Shell Rock (Grace Hoins, Anna Hoins, Libby Dix, Jayme Willemssen) 10:04.26.

SHUTTLE HURDLE—1. Union (Garwood, Haylee Keune, Megan Hudson, Holschlag, Grace Keegan, Aubrey Schmidt) 1:05.67, 2. Waverly-Shell Rock (Krissa Larson, Britney Young, Karlie Wosepka, Beckert, Abby Bechtel, Reyerson) 1:07.07, 3. Charles City (Brianna Carey, Tayler Schmidt, Lynn Hoeft, Sadie Ruizick, Alex Litterer, Heyer) 1:07.24.

100—1. Garwood (Union) 12.45, 2. Saner (Crest) 12.74, Katie Foster (CC) 12.76.

DISTANCE MEDLEY—1. Decorah (Quandahl, Mikkelson, Berns, Nimrod, Galligan, Betts) 4:16.68, 2. Crestwood (Brynn Bodermann, Annie Mast, Saner, Friesen) 4:18.16, 3. Vinton-Shellsburg (Hannah Kalous, Hanna Timmerman, Sarah Schminke, Grace Horst) 4:19.43.

400—1. Galligan (Decorah) 25.30, 2. Foster (CC) 26.17, 3. Saner (Crest) 26.84.

4x200—1. Decorah (Valkosky, Mikkelson, Ranum, Gullekson) 1:48.08, 2. Union (Garwood, Schmidt, Driscol, Brown) 1:49.16, 3. Vinton-Shellsburg (Mull, Schminke, Kalous, Timmerman) 1:51.12.

100 HURDLES—1. Hudson (Union) 15.03, 2. Beckert (WSR) 16.19, 3. Schmidt (CC) 16.48.

800—1. Friesen (Crest) 2:23.90, 2. Katcher (CPU) 2:25.62, 3. Horst (VS) 2:25.96.

400—1. Galligan 1:01.57, 2. Hoins (WSR) 1:01.74, 3. Olivia Battle (Dec) 1:03.18.

400 HURDLES—1. Nimrod (Dec) 1:05.62, 2. Beckert (WSR) 1:08.24, 3. Sexton (Dec) 1:08.25. .

1500—1. 1. Friesen (Crest) 4:50.82, 2. Katcher (CPU) 4:52.42, 3. Horst (VS) 5:05.94.

4x100—1. Decorah (Gullekson, Quandahl, Kerndt, Valkosky) 50.90, 2. Union (Hudson, Driscol, Brown, Holschlag) 51.33, 3. Vinton-Shellsburg (LaDorshae Mull, Schminke, Kalous, Timmerman) 51.53.

4x400—1. Decorah (Quandahl, Mikkelson, Berns, Nimrod) 4:04.62, 2. Independence (Hosch, Larson, Taylor Wendt, Niedert) 4:06.16, 3. Waverly-Shell Rock (Hoins, Beckert,Larson, Willemsen) 4:12.96.


TEAM STANDINGS—1. Vinton-Shellsburg 153, 2. Decorah 138, 3. Center Point-Urbana 104, 4. Waverly-Shell Rock 93, 5. Charles City 86, 6. Crestwood 64, 7. Union 55, 8. Independence 37.


DISCUS—1. Spencer Cuvelier (Crest) 160-11.0, 2. Adam Hovden (Dec) 151-10.0, 3. Drew Wiley (VS) 144-06.0.

SHOT PUT—1. Cole Overton (VS) 53-04.50, 2. Wiley (VS) 51-01.00, 3. Andy Lillegraven (Dec) 50-03.00.

LONG JUMP—1. Brandon Bluhm (CC) 22-03.75, 2. Tyler Bartz (VS) 22-03.25, 3. Dawson Meyer (Dec) 21-05.00.

HIGH JUMP—1. Shawn Shindelar (Dec) 6-00.00, 2. Blake Bartz (Ind) 5-10.00, 3. Jerod Redenious (Dec) 5-08.00.

SPRINT MEDLEY—1. Center Point-Urbana (Devin Smith, Blake Lindsey, Jon Karteus, JoJo Frost) 1:33.36, 2. Vinton-Shellsburg (Conner Miracle, Conner Bendull, Blake Bohnsack, Tyler Bartz) 1:35.78, 3. Decorah (Cade Klimesh, Jacob Roher, Dawson Holkesvik, Jackson Varney) 1:36.87.

3200—1. Andrew Kephart (Dec) 10:10.79, 2. Lake LeBahn (ULP) 10:15.28, 3. Gavin Connell (CC) 10:25.52.

4x800—1. Center Point-Urbana (Cameron Hasleiet, Maverick Gatrost, Jed Wyse, Alex Wade) 8:29.07, 2. Vinton-Shellsburg (Smith, Tyler Hekel, Matt Andreesen, Cole Tharp) 8:30.70, 3. Decorah (Blake Schmelzer, Brendan Numedahl, Tyler Vande Lune, Jarod Phillips) 8:32.94.

SHUTTLE HURDLE—1. Center Point-Urbana (Lindsey, CJ Garnett, Jon Stuelke, Smith) 1:01.41, 2. Vinton-Shellsburg (Will Edwards, Will Dudley, Isaac Vrba, Wes Edwards) 1:01.60, 3. Decorah (Varney, Andrew Magner, Klimesh, Roher) 1:01.74.

100—1. Rodrigue Sagbo (WSR) 11.17, 2. Miracle (VS) 11.34, 3. Zion Jordan (CC) 11.35..

DISTANCE MEDLEY—1. Decorah (Klimesh, Meyer, Varney, Kephart) 3:43.39, 2. Waverly-Shell Rock (Reese Wilson, Kaden Dewey, Damor Hughes, Sam Kepford) 3:43.43, 3. Vinton-Shellsburg (Seth Lazenby, Thompson, Bartz, Tharp) 3:46.97.

400—1. Frost (CPU) 50.03, 2. Bartz (VS) 51.11, 3. Holkesvik (Dec) 51.44.

4x200—1. Vinton-Shellsburg (Miracle, Bendull, Bohnsack, Dudley) 1:31.63, 2. Waverly-Shell Rock (Dazir Hughes, Keaton Hughes, Downing, Sagbo) 1:32.60, 3. Charles City (Jordan, Bluhm, Foster, Arjay David)1:32.93.

110 HURDLES—1. Roher (Dec) 15.71, 2. Chris Guest (Crest) 15.86, 3. Magner (Dec) 16.03.

800—1. Sam Kepford (WSR) 2:05.02, 2. Alex Wade (CPU) 2:06.11, 3. Hasleiet (CPU) 2:07.50.

200—1. Jordan (CC) 22.78, 2. Dudley (VS) 23.05, 3. Varney (Dec) 23.64.

400 HURDLES—1. Frost (CPU) 54.13, 2. Smith (CPU) 56.58, 3. Guest (Crest) 58.99.

1600—1. Kephart (Dec) 4:39.44, 2. Kepford (WSR) 4:41.12, 3. Ryan Adams (Ind) 4:42.89.

4x100—1. Vinton-Shellsburg (Miracle, Bendull, Bohnsack, Lazenby) 44.20, 2. Waverly-Shell Rock (Sagbo, K. Hughes, Ben Hemer, Downing) 44.62, 3. Charles City (Jordan, John Sibuma, Bluhm, Foster) 44.83.

4x400—1. Center Point-Urbana (Lindsey, Karteus, Smith, Frost) 3:26.41, 2. Vinton-Shellsburg (Bartz, Smith, Bendull, Bohnsack) 3:31.64, 3. Union (Nathan LeRoy, Dakota Hora, Britton Rolison, Tate Hookman) 3:31.96.

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