CEDAR FALLS — High school boys’ track teams got just what they wanted from the Dickinson Relays Tuesday in the UNI-Dome.

It was a chance to compete, and Waterloo West was one of the teams that took advantage.

“I think we did very good tonight,” said Wahawks coach Matt Mostek. “We are tremendously young this year with as many freshmen on the team as all the others combined. We will run more freshmen on varsity this year than we ever have in the past.”

With a packed UNI-Dome, the atmosphere was huge for such a young group of athletes.

“It gives these younger guys the competitive air of a huge meet,” added Mostek. “They just need to take this whole experience in and run with it, and have fun against some of the best athletes in the state.”

West sophomore Deyton Love enjoyed himself as he jumped his way into a third-place finish in the 60 hurdles.

“Oh my goodness, this was awesome,” said Love. “I came in here to have fun and carry on like I do in practice. I just wanted to stay calm and loose and see if my hard work would pay off and it did. With my coaches and my dad (David) helping me all year, it came to be here.

“It is going to be a fun season because this whole team is so talented,” added Love, who also finished sixth in the long jump. “I’m excited to get it going.”

Wahawk Sam Tudor took third in the 60 with a 7.08, just behind winner Tanner Iske of West Liberty’s 7.00. Tudor also took third in the 200.

Ja’Cee Clark of Waterloo East leaped to a third-place finish in the high jump at 6 feet, 4 inches.

The Trojans have more than 60 athletes competing on this year’s team.

“These young kids are very athletic,” said East coach Tim Moses. “I am more excited this year than I was last. I am at a loss of words to describe them. The potential of finding diamonds in the rough here just gets me excited.

“There is a saying, ‘If you love the process, the process will love you back.’ Now we need to get these kids to buy into it. They got to be here tonight among some stellar competition at a premier indoor meet.”

Cedar Falls took third in the 4x800 in 8:30.14 and Dawson Ellingson of Hudson took second in the shot put with a throw of 56-9.5.

Dickinson Relays

HIGH JUMP — 1. Braedon Hoyer (NE) 6-6, 2. Owen Minshall (Waukee) 6-5, 3. Jacee Clark (Waterloo East) 6-4.

LONG JUMP — 1. Damon Jaeger (West. Dub.) 21-5, 2. Gavin Williams (SE Polk) 21-4, 3. (tie) Terrell Jordan Jr. (C.R. Kennedy), Jalen Boysen (Clinton) 21-2, 6. (tie) Deyton Love (Wat. West) 20-10.

SHOT PUT — 1. Nick Phelps (KP-WC) 65-9, 2. Dawson Ellingson (Hudson) 56-9.5, 3. Kaseam Domond (Ames) 52-7.

SHOT PUT (wheelchair) — 1. Caleb Gehle (Fort Madison) 17-5, 2. Jarrett Moehlman (Lisbon) 12-4.

3,200 — 1. Cody Mertens (Mt. Pleasant) 10:01.25, 2. Moi Habineza (W.D.M. Valley) 10:04.65, 3. Nicholas Johnson (W.D.M. Valley) 10:06.06.

4x200 RELAY — 1. SE Polk 1:32.81, 2. Bettendorf 1:33.44, 3. Cedar Rapids Kennedy 1:33.54

4x800 RELAY — 1. Ames 8:25.72, 2. Urbandale 8:26.87, 3. Cedar Falls 8:30.15.

1,600 — 1. Camden Cox (Ank. Cent) 4:22.44, 2. Myles Bach (Center Point-Urbana) 4:26.05, 3. Konnor Sommer (Pleasant Valley) 4:28.09.

400 — 1. Darien Porter (Bett) 50.08, 2. Austin West (I.C. West) 50.70, 3. Demari Nicholson (Bett) 51.49.

60 HURDLES — 1. Riley Moss (Ank. Centennial) 8.11, 2. Jordan Jr. (C.R. Kennedy) 8.14, 3. Love (Wat. West) 8.67.

60 — 1. Tanner Iske (W. Liberty) 7.00, 2. Josue Bokoyo (C.R. Jefferson) 7.07, 3. Sam Tudor (Wat. West) 7.08.

200 (wheelchair) — 1. Moehlman (Lisbon) 57.45, 2. Gehl (Ft. Madison) 1:04.04.

200 — 1. Bernard Bell Jr. (Ames) 22.52, 2. Iske (W. Liberty) 22.88, 3. Tudor (Wat. West) 23.00.

800 — 1. Tyler Olson (Muscatine) 1:59.73, 2. Luke Schaefer (Dub. Wahlert), 3. Luke Hilby (Dub. Wahlert) 2:02.52.

4x400 RELAY — 1. Urbandale 3:28.50, 2. Waukee 3:32.37, 3. Dubuque Senior 3:33.61.