IOWA CITY — It took a record-breaking effort to knock Cedar Falls’ Dylan Moffatt from the top spot on the podium Saturday at the Iowa boys’ high school state swimming championships.

Nobody has been faster than Moffatt the past two seasons in the 500 freestyle and his record time of 4:27.77.

Until Saturday.

Up and coming Trent Frandson of Ankeny covered the 500 in 4:23.46 and took Moffatt’s title and his record.

“We have battled each other for quite a few years so I knew about him,” Moffatt said. “We kind of go back-and-forth and I really feel that I have not trained the best lately. I definitely tried my best, but it was not good enough today.”

Ankeny claimed the state title with 226 points ahead of Waukee (210) and Bettendorf (205.5). Cedar Falls settled for eighth place with 107 points, picking up 22 points in the final event.

For Moffatt, a second-place finish earlier in the day in the 200 individual medley was a pleasant surprise.

“I did change some things coming into today and it was okay,” said Moffatt. “I knew that Cameron (Lindner) of Waukee, was a top kid, so taking second definitely exceeded my expectations.”

One other state record fell. West Des Moines Dowling swam 1:32.67 in the 200 medley relay, beating the previous time from Iowa City West (1:33.39) set in 2015.

Overall, it was a day of highs and lows for Cedar Falls.

“It was definitely an up and down day here for sure,” first-year Tigers coach Scott Pinter said. “We had some great swims earlier in the day and then we just kind of got tired the rest of the way. I thought we had some good times. I know Dawson Bremner shaved a second off his time in the butterfly and finished fifth, which was good for him.

“I feel bad for Dylan (Moffatt). He was up against a younger kid (Frandson) that has lit it up this fall. He got off to a quick start against Dylan and that might have thrown him off a bit, I don’t know. The kid has shown a lot of potential over the past year and a half and he is just a sophomore.”

Frandson won the swimmer of the year award at day’s end.

“It was a good first year for me and it was really exciting taking over the program,” said Pinter. “We have some very talented freshmen and a few sophomores coming in and I am excited about the challenge ahead.”

Bremner and Moffatt teamed up with Devin Myhr and Matt Durbin to finish fifth in the 200 medley relay.

The Tigers also took ninth in the 400 freestyle relay, picking up 22 valuable points to secure their spot in the top 10.

Swimming the 400 for the Tigers were Bremner, Jared Mattson, Benson Redfern and Moffatt.

Decorah finished 22nd overall.


TEAM STANDINGS — 1. Ankeny 226.0, 2. Waukee 210.0, 3. Bettendorf 205.5, 4. West Des Moines Dowling 195.0, 5. West Des Moines Valley 164.0, 6. Linn-Mar 123.0, 7. Iowa City West 112.0, 8. Cedar Falls 107.0, 9. Dubuque Hempstead 99.0, 10. (tie) Cedar Rapids Washington, Sioux City Metro 87.0, 12. Pleasant Valley 81.0, 13. Ames 59.0, 14. Iowa City High 49.0, 15. Marshalltown 47.0, 16. Mason City 40.0, 17. Dubuque Senior 39.0, 18. Indianola 34.0, 19. Keokuk 29.0, 20 tie. Lewis Central, Carroll 23.0, 22. Decorah 18.0, 23. Davenport Central 17.0, 24. (tie) Ottumwa, Muscatine 16.0, 26. Burlington 14.0, 27. Williamsburg 9.0, 28. Des Moines Roosevelt 7.5, 29. (tie) Cedar Rapids Kennedy, Newton-NCMP, Fort Dodge 6.0, 32. Southeast Polk 5.0, 33. Des Moines Lincoln 4.0, 34. (tie) Spencer, Johnston 3.0.

200 MEDLEY RELAY — 1. Dowling Catholic (Nick Chase, Jerry Xu, Gage Agnew, John Culver) 1:32.67, 2. Iowa City West (James Pinter, Val Trussov, Izaak Hajek, Michael Kimball Jr.) 1:34.75, 3. Ankeny (Brek Stukerjurgen, Mason Keinroth, Weston Miner, Max Mrtin Jr.) 1:35.22, 5. Cedar Falls (Dylan Moffatt, Devin Myhr, Dawson Bremner, Matt Durbin) 1:36.66.

200 FREESTYLE — 1. Trent Frandson (Ank.) 1:32.75, 2. Pinter (ICW) 1:41.23, 3. Chase (DC) 1:42.35.

200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY — 1. Cameron Lindner (Wauk) 1:51.11, 2. Moffatt (CF) 1:52.14, 3. Andrew Reiter (Wauk) 1:52.29, 10. Benson Redfern (CF) 1:58.98.

50 FREESTYLE — 1. Charlie Bunn (Bett) 20.42, 2. Kevin Burke (PV) 20.61, 3. Jacob Keller (DMV) 20.65.

100 BUTTERFLY — 1. Hajek (ICW) 49.45, 2. Kyle Hopewell (DavC) 51.07, 3. Reiter (Wauk) 51.52, 5. Dawson Bremner (CF) 52.08, 7. Gus Grimstad (Dec) 52.61.

100 FREESTYLE — 1. Bunn (Bett) 44.94, 2. Pinter (ICW) 45.74, 3. William Rankin (SC) 46.11.

500 FREESTYLE — 1. Trent Frandson (Ank.) 4:23.46, 2. Moffatt (CF) 4:31.97, 3. Linder (Wauk) 4:35.12.

200 FREESTYLE RELAY — 1. Bettendorf (Andrew Ottavianelli, Luke Nickles, Sam Mitvalsky, Bunn) 1:23.56, 2. Ankeny (Martin Jr., Adam Vaske, Jae Swanepoel, Frandson) 1:23.68, 3. W.D.M. Valley (Johnson, Casey Bach, Braedon Kirkpatrick, Keller) 1:24.47.

100 BACKSTROKE — 1. Chase (DC) 50.10, 2. Burke (PV) 50.41, 3. Culver (DC) 50.54.

100 BREASTSTROKE — 1. Forrest Frazier (ICH) 55.17, 2. Dylan Jones (Keok) 57.94, 3. Jacob McCredie (PV) 59.05.

400 FREESTYLE RELAY — 1. Bettendorf (Ottaelli, Nickles, Alex Stone, Bunn) 3:08.78, 2. Linn-Mar (Cooper Callahan, Aiden Carstensen, Alex Cochrane, Nick Cavanaugh0 3:13.12, 3. Ankeny (Frandson, Vaske, Swanepoel, Martin Jr.) 3:13.26, 9. Cedar Falls (Bremner, Jared Mattson, Benson Redfern, Moffatt) 3:15.30.

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