CEDAR FALLS — Cedar Falls swimming coach Scott Pinter hit the ground running two months ago when he agreed to coach the Tiger boys’ team.

He hasn’t looked back and, in fact, is looking forward to what the rest of the season holds for a young and rapidly improving squad that finished fourth Saturday at the 41st annual Marcussen Invitational in the Holmes Junior High pool.

“It was definitely a quick transition,” Pinter said. “Two months ago I was coaching the girls and now I am so excited to be taking this job.

“We are very excited about where we are right now and even more so about where we can be. This invitational is such a good event that brings in some of the best swim teams around. It gives us a chance to measure ourselves to some really good teams.”

As expected, powerhouse teams from Pleasant Valley and Waukee separated themselves from the field, but Cedar Falls held its own for much of the day.

Dylan Moffatt started the first leg of the medley relay, pushing his team to a second-place finish, then took first in the 200 freestyle.

“I was expecting a decent day today and I think we got that,” said Moffatt. “I was a little tired and sore after last weekend’s nationals, but overall I was okay with the day.”

Moffatt also won the 500 free and helped Cedar Falls to another runner-up relay finish in the 400 freestyle.

“It was fun to get in the water and see how we would do against teams you will see at state,” added Moffatt. “I believe that as early as it is in the season that we showed good progress. I think the whole team did very well and we will work harder to improve as the year goes on.”

The Tigers also got a big day from senior Dawson Bremner, who surpassed his previous best times in the 200 individual medley and the butterfly.

“We saw a lot of good things and Dawson swam very well, dropping times in a few events,” said Pinter. “That is mainly what we were looking for today and we are one month in and very optimistic with this team.”

Bremner finished third in the 200 IM and second in the fly, along with swimming on the second leg of the 400 relay.

“I think the competition really pushed me to be better today,” Bremner said. “I think for our first real meet against other teams we showed we are strong in a lot of areas. We have all worked hard this offseason and it really is starting to pay off. It also helps to have Dylan back to help with the morale of the team.”

Decorah finished sixth, just 30 points behind Mason City.

The Vikings were propelled by sophomore Gus Grimstad who pushed John Culver of Dowling Catholic to the end in the 100 backstroke.

“I was pretty happy with my time today and taking second was okay,” said Grimstad. “It was good to swim in this today so we could see where we line up with some of the best swimmers and that helps us set our goals.”

Cedar Falls also got strong swims from Devin Myhr, Matt Durbin and Benson Redfern.

Myhr picked up a third-place finish in the breaststroke and he and Durbin were part of the second-place 200 medley relay. Durbin also took sixth in the 50 and 100 free and swam on the 400 relay.

Redfern took seventh in the 200 free and fifth in the 500 free and was the third leg in the 400 relay.

Marcussen Invitational

Team standings — 1. Pleasant Valley 493.0, 2. Waukee 424.5, 3. Des Moines Dowling 356.0, 4. Cedar Falls 304.0, 5. Mason City 209.0, 6. Decorah 176.5, 7. Muscatine 148.0, 8. Cedar Rapids Jefferson 45.0.

200 medley relay — 1. Pleasant Valley (Nate Martell, Jacob McCredie, Kevin Burke, Will Nash) 1:39.44, 2. Cedar Falls (Dylan Moffatt, Devin Myhr, Dawson Bremner, Matt Durbin) 1:40.04, 3. Waukee 1:43.12.

200 freestyle — 1. Moffatt (CF) 1:47.34, 2. Colin Kilcoin (PV) 1:48.96, 3. Nick Litterer (MC) 1:50.74, 7. Benson Redfern (CF) 1:54.90.

200 individual medley — 1. Reiter (W) 1:59.21, 2. John Culver (DC) 1:59.46, 3. Bremner (CF) 2:01.88.

50 freestyle — 1. Burke (PV) 21.51, 2. Mitchell Pollitt (W) 22.62, 3. Ryan Boeding (Mus) 22.76, 6. Durbin (CF) 23.33.

100 butterfly — 1. Burke (PV) 52.47, 2. Bremner (CF) 53.54, 3. Reiter (W) 54.53.

100 freestyle — 1. Pollitt (W) 49.86, 2. Boeding (Mus) 50.12, 3. Gage Agnew (DC) 50.60, 6. Durbin (CF) 51.95.

500 freestyle — 1. Moffatt (CF) 4:44.87, 2. Kilcoin (PV) 4:54.10, 3. Nash (PV) 5:03.03, 5. Redfern (CF) 5:13.26.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Waukee (Pollitt, Patterson, Kuhlers, Augie Muenzenmay) 1:29.83, 2. Dowling (Culver, Camden Arnold, David Carpenter, Will Melcher) 1:32.82, 3. Pleasant Valley 1:33.61, 6. Cedar Falls (Redfern, Graham Fry, David Butler, Myhr) 1:38.14.

100 backstroke — 1. Culver (DC) 53.57, 2. Gus Grimstad (Dec) 55.64, 3. Litterer (MC) 56.60, 8. Fry (CF) 59.67, 9. Butler (CF) 59.95.

100 breaststroke — 1. McCredie (PV) 1:02.87, 2. Cohen (W) 1:05.29, 3. Myhr (CF) 1:06.26.

400 freestyle — 1. Waukee (Pollitt, Patterson, Muenzenmay, Reiter) 3:19.70, 2. Cedar Falls (Moffatt, Bremner, Redfern, Durbin) 3:19.94, 3. Pleasant Valley 3:21.09.

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