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MARSHALLTOWN — The 53rd edition of the Iowa girls’ state swimming and diving championships featured plenty of close finishes and a few record-breaking moments Saturday at the Marshalltown YMCA.

Ames won its fourth team title in as many years and broke the state record in the 200 relay with a time of 1:33.50. The old record was held by West Des Moines Valley (1:33.83), set in 2007.

Cedar Falls placed fifth among the 40 teams in attendance, led by freshman Grace Frericks, who lost a tight race in the 100 backstroke by just a tenth of a second to Katie Broderick of Des Moines Dowling.

“I knew when I made the last turn that I had to really go faster,” Frericks said. “I felt I might be behind and so I had to give it my all in the end. I knew after I touched the board that it was going to be close and that it was anybody’s race. I am happy with my finish but I was a little tired.”

Frerick had just swam the 200 freestyle relay before hitting the water for her main event.

“I can’t say that was the difference because I just had to swim no matter what,” Frericks added. “I’m OK with the results but now I have to get right back in the water for the final event.”

Frericks collected a fourth-place medal in the 50 free along with her efforts in the 200 (fourth) and 400 (sixth) relays.

In the diving competition, heavy favorite and defending state champion Jayna Misra of Ames hit the water strong and never let up as she dominated the boards, winning by 79 points.

Metro area divers held their own as Waterloo Swim placed a pair of girls in the top 10. Taylor Hogan jumped to fourth and Lauren Kimball grabbed the 10th spot.

“It would be hard to beat Misra,” said Hogan. “She is so smooth and a great diver and I am not surprised at this outcome. I had a few new dives this year and I did not do so well to start. I got better as it went on and I am glad I placed.

“Obviously there are a lot of ‘what if’s’ but you can’t do anything about it and you have to go on. I was glad I got to be on the stand this year.”

Hogan finished seventh last year.

Ashton Syharath stood on the stands, as well, as the Cedar Falls junior took a fifth-place medal.

“I just wanted to go out and keep hitting my dives,” Syharath said. “After what happened at regionals I was just glad to keep making the cuts.”

Syharath banged her hand on the boards during one of her dives at regionals, and it was still a little tender going into state action.

“I was happy with the day and getting fifth,” added Syharath. “I had a good feeling about making it there when we went into the last few dives. I just had to hit them and wait and see. I never know where I am in the standings, I just don’t pay attention until it is over.”

Other Tiger placewinners were Emma Clark, who had a fourth in the 100 free and a fifth in the 50, while Grace Considine was ninth in the 200 free and sixth in the 500 freestyle.

Carley Caughron put on a show for the Waterloo team as she took the stands in the butterfly (sixth) and 200 individual medley (fourth). Lauren Kimball was 10th in diving.

Girls’ state swimming

Team standings — 1. Ames 372.0, 2. West Des Moines Dowling 319.0, 3. Bettendorf 194.0, 4. Ankeny 185.0, 5. Cedar Falls 153.0, 6. Iowa City West 143.0, 7. Iowa City High 118.0, 8. Pleasant Valley 107.0, 9. (tie) Dubuque Wahlert, Lewis Central 78.0, 11. West Des Moines Valley 73.0, 12. Atlantic 63.0, 13. Waukee 55.0, 14. Dubuque Senior 53.0, 15. Des Moines Lincoln 40.0, 16. Waterloo 39.5, 17. Fort Dodge 28.0, 18. (tie) Sioux City Metro, Linn-Mar 26.0, 20. Newton 24.0, 21. Cedar Rapids Kennedy 19.0, 22. (tie) Decorah, South East Polk 18.0, 24. tie, Cedar Rapids Washington, Cedar Rapids Jefferson, Johnston 17.0, 27. Vinton-Shellsburg 16.5, 28. Carroll 11.0, 29. Muscatine 8.0, 30. Des Moines Roosevelt 7.0, 31. Marshalltown 1.0.

1-meter diving — 1. Jayna Misra (Ames) 555.35, 2. Ayla Taylor (CRW) 476.76, 3. Joscelyn Buss (Ames) 454.95, 4. Taylor Hogan (Wat.) 451.30, 5. Ashton Syharath (CF) 438.35, 10. Lauren Kimball (Wat.) 415.40.

200 medley relay — 1. Dowling (Katie Broderick, Mary Martin, Berit Quass, Mary Sweetman) 1:42.00, 2. Ames (Abby Hala, Molly Winer, Annie Galvin, Meghan Donald) 1:44.31, 3. IC High (Carly Weigel, Olivia Masterson, Trinity Sadecky, Rika Yahashiri) 1:46.52.

200 freestyle — 1. Clare Culver (DC) 1:48.68, 2. Amy Feddersen (Ames) 1:48.82, 3. Aurora Roghair (ICW) 1:50.13, 9. Grace Considine (CF) 1:55.33.

200 individual medley — 1. Martin (DC) 2:02.96, 2. Arianna Ottavianelli (Bett) 2:03.16, 3. Scarlet Martin (ICW) 2:03.33, 4. Carley Caughron (Wat.) 2:12.42.

50 freestyle — 1. Jasmine Rumley (Ank) 22.64, 2. Katie Broderick (DC) 23.55, 3. Anna Pfeiffer (DS) 23.89, 4. Grace Frericks (CF) 23.91, 5. Emma Clark (CF) 23.92, 9. Emma Bachelder (Dec) 24.30.

100 butterfly — 1. Quass (DC) 54.16, 2. S.Martin (ICW) 54.21, 3. Reilly Shaner (DV) 56.23, 6. Carley Caughron (Wat.) 57.54.

100 freestyle — 1. Feddersen (Ames) 49.75, 2. Rumley (Ank) 49.77, 3. Erin Doruska (Ank) 50.91, 4. Clark (CF) 52.27.

500 freestyle — 1. Quass (DC) 4:50.96, 2. Roghair (ICW) 4:53.20, 3. Brinley Horras (Ames) 4:54.82, 6. Considine (CF) 5:07.03.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Ames (Feddersen, Donald, Winer, Horras) 1:33.50, 2. Bettendorf (Ottavianelli, Alexis Beine, Megan Greenley, Emily VanDeWiele) 1:35.42, 3. Ankeny (Mia Pearson, Henning, Doruska, Rumley) 1:35.77, 4. Cedar Falls (Frericks, Considine, Rachel Roose, Clark) 1:36.79.

100 backstroke — 1. Katie Broderick (DC) 55.77, 2. Frericks (CF) 55.87, 3. Annie Galvin (Ames) 55.92.

100 breaststroke — 1. Winer (Ames) 1:02.17, 2. M.Martin (DC) 1:02.42, 3. Masterson (ICH) 1:03.26.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Ames (Galvin, Horras, Gracie Wesselmann, Feddersen) 3:25.55, 2. Dowling (Broderick, Sweetman, Quass, Culver) 3:26.04, 3. IC West (Olivia Taeger, Lily Ernst, S. Martin, Roghair) 3:30.13, 6. Cedar Falls (Frericks, Considine, Roose, Clark) 3:33.14.

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