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Prep boys' swimming: Ailing Tigers still make progress

Prep boys' swimming: Ailing Tigers still make progress

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CEDAR FALLS — Add illness to the list of tough opponents Cedar Falls faced Saturday at its 42nd Marcussen Invitational boys’ swimming meet.

The end result was a middle of the pack finish for the host Tigers, as Des Moines Dowling (529 points) ran away with the title.

“We figured we might finish in the middle of the pack as we have had a teamwide sickness running through and holding us back a bit,” said Tigers coach Scott Pinter. “We basically approached this as a glorified practice and worked on our depth as a team.

“I thought Logan McCullough did a great job today as he is usually that middle of the pack guy.”

Devin Myhr battled some big guns in the breaststroke and finished within one second of a first-place ribbon. Myhr settled for third place with a time of 1:04.85.

“I knew it should be a pretty even race today with the field I was against,” said Myhr. “I could see them right on my side through my goggles and that made me push myself more. If I would have put a little more into it in the second 25 instead of losing ground I would have had a chance.

“I felt pretty good about it though and know there is so much more to come. It’s still pretty early in the season.”

Myhr also swam the second leg of the runner-up 200 medley for the Tigers.

Other Tigers placing well were Benson Redfern, who collected a fifth-place swim in the 200 free, then touched the pad a split second ahead of Ryland Feist of Pleasant Valley to claim fourth in the 500 freestyle.

David Butler grabbed some valuable points for the Tigers with a fifth in the backstroke.

Decorah put in a strong day, as well, beginning with a fourth-place finish in the 200 medley. Gus Grimstad took first in the butterfly with a strong finish against Gage Agnew of Dowling.

Grimstad’s long reach hit the pad at 53.38, just .16 ahead of Agnew.

“I saw his (Agnew) time in seed round and knew I would have a battle,” said Grimstad. “I wanted to break 53 in the fly and when I hit the pool I guess all my thoughts were just on what I needed to do and not worry about times.

“It is kind of cool to come to this meet and show that even as underdogs we can still compete with the big dogs.”

Along with his championship swim in the fly, Grimstad was in on the medley relay (4th), 400 free (4th) along with a third-place finish in the backstroke.

Penny swam the opening 200 and took fifth in the 200 IM and fourth in the breaststroke.

Huebner was fourth in the 100 free, and was on the final 400 team.

“I think we did very well today,” said Vikings coach Laura Storlie. “We have been training really hard and we still have a lot of work to do, but we had a lot of great races today.”

It was ultimately a good day for Cedar Falls, too.

“We got guys that got better times today, so that was big,” said Pinter. “We are walking out of here with smiles on our faces. It was a good meet.”

Marcussen Invitational

Team standings — 1. Dowling Catholic 529, 2. Waukee 473, 3. Pleasant Valley 433, 4. Cedar Falls 255, 5. Decorah 238, 6. Mason City 111, 7. Cedar Rapids Jefferson 106.

200 medley relay — Dowling (John Culver, Wyatt Boot, Gage Agnew, David Carpenter) 1:41.27, 2. Cedar Falls (Benson Redfern, Devin Myhr, Graham Fry, Matt Durbin) 1:43.27, 3. Waukee (Asher Havenhill, Jackson Whitaker, Eli Waltman, Cooper Rogers) 1:43.45, 4. Decorah (Drew Chamberlain, Jackson Penny, Gus Grimstad, Cole Huebner) 1:43.51.

200 freestyle — 1. AJ Abram (Waukee) 1:46.38, 2. Ryan Vance (PV) 1:49.28, 3. Joey Hancock (DC) 1:50.57, 5. Redfern (CF) 1:52.04, 6. Durbin (CF) 1:52.08.

200 IM — 1. Tommy Hanbcock (DC) 2 00.02, 2. Culver (DC) 2:00.35, 3. Sam Davey (Waukee) 2:03.42, 5. Penny (Dec) 2:07.95, 6. Drew Langner (CF) 2:14.12.

50 freestyle — 1. Agnew (DC) 22.72, 2. Waltman (Waukee) 23.02, 3. Brett Little (PV) 23.05.

100 butterfly — 1. Grimstad (Dec) 53.38, 2. Agnew (DC) 53.54, 3. Parker Paulson (PV) 54.65.

100 freestyle — 1. Abram (Waukee) 48.01, 2. Vance (PV) 49.84, 3. Havenhill (Waukee) 50.994. 4. Huebner (Dec) 51.56.

500 freestyle — J. Hancock (DC) 4:52.25, 2. T. Hancock (DC) 4:58.95, 3. Davey (Waukee) 5:03.22, 4. Redfern (CF) 5:09.03, 6. Chamberlain (Dec) 5:14.68.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Dowling (Culver, T. Hancock, J. Hancock, Agnew) 1:31.51, 2. Pleasant Valley (Nate Martell, Little, Eric Hedgren, Vance) 1:31.69, 3. Dowling Catholic (Brown, Carpenter, Boot, Will Melcher) 1:33.73, 5. Cedar Falls (Durbin, Langner, Trenton Holden, Myhr) 1:36.21.

100 backstroke — 1. Culver (DC) 53.96, 2. Havenhill (Waukee) 54.38, 3. Grimstad (Dec) 55.65, 5. David Butler (CF) 59.00.

100 breaststroke — 1. Boot (DC) 1:03.67, 2. Whitaker (Waukee) 1:03.97, 3. Myhr (CF) 1:04.85.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Waukee (Davey, Waltman, Havenhill, Abram) 3:21.06, 2. Dowling (Melcher, J. Hancock, T. Hancock, Max Brown) 3:22.13, 3. Pleasant Valley (Vance, Hedgren, Ryland Feist, Paulson) 3:26.81, 6. Cedar Falls (Fry, Paulsen, Butler, Redfern) 3:41.75.


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