CEDAR FALLS — Nick Sinram enjoyed a perfect day at the Cedar Falls Gun Club Saturday despite the windy conditions.

With wind gusts topping out at 25 mph, the Waverly-Shell Rock sophomore trapshooter shot down all 75 targets in his path as he claimed individual honors at the Cedar Falls Trapshooting Invitational.

Sinram’s accuracy helped the Go-Hawks claim third place. Cedar Rapids Kennedy took the top two honors with their Black team scoring a 240 and their Green team busting a 234. Cedar Falls claimed fourth with a 231 and Waterloo West’s Black team dropped 225 birds for fifth.

With that fierce wind blowing in his face, Sinram splashed his first 50 targets with only one other shooter matching that feat to force a shoot-off — Nathan Davis of Kennedy.

“That wind was pretty fierce, but it was blowing right at us and it made the targets seem a little bigger to me,” said Sinram. “I thought before the day began there would be a lot of shoot-offs at the end of the day with all the good shooters out here. I did not think I would make it this far and figured I would be going home early.”

Instead, Sinram waited throughout the morning, watching scoresheets to see if anyone could match his score. Only Davis remained at the end of the day.

The wind picked up even more for the shoot-off, and when Davis missed his second target, Sinram seized the opportunity with another run of 25 targets.

“I just got out there and really tried not to think about it,” the second-year shooter said. “I was still in my zone and I imagined hitting one bird at a time. After he missed I just took a deep breath with every shot and did what I was supposed to do. This was something else, for sure.”

Overall, Waverly-Shell Rock’s performance was about as good as assistant coach John Dunakey could have hoped.

“We thought 233 was a great score for today, but when Kennedy hit 240 it was really something,” Dunakey said. “I thought our top five kids put it on today and did really good. I thought Jacob Kaisand and Blake Dunakey did an amazing job getting 48 each. ... Sydnee McCue did a great job getting her best score ever with a 43. It was an amazing day for us.”

Cedar Falls put together a solid 231 day.

“The wind was tough, so we had to set the traps lower and the speed higher,” Tigers coach Dave Grund said. “I think our kids did well. This is one of the closest teams I have had in my 13 years here. The chemistry is good and it will be a team to remember.”

Cameron Manifold shot a 49, but lost out in a shoot-off and settled for seventh place.

The Tigers’ top squad of Carson Jensen, Carter Farley, Adam Wilson, Cameron Wilson and Blake Wolf settled for fourth with Adam Wilson leading the squad with a solid 48.

“I wanted to go out and shoot my best for the team and taking fourth is okay with us,” said Wilson. “As a team we are very confident right now and we have built a great friendship.”

Waterloo West scored well, too, as Cameron Jolley was in on the 49 shoot-off and walked away with a fifth-place trophy.

“I was really nervous about the shoot-off and I ended up getting my best score ever,” said Jolley. “I went out and just kept doing what I have been doing all year and tried to stay consistent. I was absolutely happy with how it all turned out, and really happy with the team. We just have to keep this going and stay as consistent as we have been.”


TEAM STANDINGS — 1. Cedar Rapids Kennedy Black 240, 2. C.R. Kennedy Green 234, 3. Waverly-Shell Rock Black 233, 4. Cedar Falls #1 231, 5. Waterloo West Black 225, 6. C.R. Kennedy Gold 223, 7. Cedar Falls #3, 8. Cedar Falls #2 213, 9. Denver #1 213, 10. Waverly-Shell Rock Gold 213, 11. Waterloo West Red 209, 12. Dike-New Hartford Blue 209, 13. Vinton Shellsburg Gold 203, 14. Iowa City West #2 199, 15. Cedar Falls #5 196, 16. Vinton Shellsburg Black 194, 17. Dike-New Hartford White 188, 18. Waverly-Shell Rock Yellow 177, 19. Waterloo West White 175, 20. Vinton-Shellsburg Intermediate Black 173, 21. Vinton-Shellsburg JV Black 172, 22. Cedar Falls #4 167, 23. Vinton-Shellsburg Red 163, 24. Waverly-Shell Rock White 162, 25. Iowa City West #1 157, 26. Cedar Falls #7 149, 27. Denver #2 138, 28. Cedar Falls #6 130, 29. Iowa City West #3 124, 30. C.R. Kennedy White 95, 31. Cedar Falls #8 79, 32. Waterloo West Blue 66.

INDIVIDUAL LEADERS — 1. Nick Sinram (WSR) 75, 2. Nathan Davis (CRK) 74, 3. Cade Schoenauer (CRK) 98, 4. Gage Roberts (Tri-State) 95, 5. Cameron Jolley (WW) 73, 6. Hunter Shriver (Farmington) 72.

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