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High school trapshooters compete at the Cedar Falls Gun Club Friday.

CEDAR FALLS — With more than 3,500 students participating in this year’s Iowa State High School Trap Championships, a fourth day will be available if needed for all finals competition.

Sunday will be “Shoot-off Sunday” when any scores that remain tied after Saturday’s competition will be decided.

Most of the non-area schools shot off singles on Friday, with most of the local schools competing on Saturday.

For Loess Hills Shooting Stars’ McKenna Wohlers, getting her rounds in on Friday was a good thing, due to the weather forecast for temperatures in the upper 90s on Saturday.

“We have to shoot in all kinds of weather, but I don’t like the heat very much,” said Wohlers. “You have to try and put it out of your mind, but then the sweat starts to roll in your eyes. Like this morning it wasn’t too bad and I shot my first ever 100. I ended up missing two in the afternoon for a 198, and I am happy with that.”

Wohlers’ 198 tied her with last year’s state champion, Nicole Breese, and as of Friday night they were headed for a shoot-off on Sunday. Barring any higher scores from Saturday, it will be a showdown for a state title.

“I know who Nicole is, because I have shot against her a lot,” said Wohlers, who is a junior at Missouri Valley. “She has always came out on top and when we shoot on Sunday, I will just have to go out there with blinders on. This is my first time placing at state so no matter what happens I am just going to have fun.

“I just kind of jumped into it and I am very glad I did,” said Wohlers. “This is pretty neat that I made it this far, so I will just have to wait ‘til Sunday and in the meantime just have some fun.”

Solon senior Nick Vsetecka also figured to be watching the scoreboards on Saturday to determine his fate.

Vsetecka blew up all 200 clays he saw on Friday and with final scores for the day being posted, he was all alone with his perfect score.

“It was really hot today, but there was a little breeze to help out,” Vsetecka said. “It did not blow hard enough to make the clays fly around and to tell you the truth I am almost over the top knowing I hit a perfect score. I felt good after my first 100 this morning, then after I got 75 in the afternoon, my knees got a little wobbly in that last 25.

“Honestly, I won’t be surprised if a couple guys shoot 200 on Saturday because there are so many great shooters here. I am just going to enjoy this moment and prepare as if I will shoot. I have been shooting high school traps my whole career, and being a senior, it would be awesome to win a state title and end my career that way.”

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