CEDAR FALLS — Even on a 55-degree fall evening, there was no cooling off the Cedar Falls cross country teams Thursday night.

Competing at the Class 4A state-qualifying meet at Birdsall Park, the Tiger girls ran to a first-place finish while the boys’ team finished second, as expected.

For the girls, senior Cassidy Christopher crossed the finish line a full 10 seconds ahead of the rest of the field to lead the Tiger pack.

“This is really a mental race and you really have to just keep to yourself, and not worry about where everyone else is at,” said Christopher. “I feel I help set the pace for the team on the course, but off the course we are all the same,” Christopher said.

Christopher’s teammates jammed the chute behind her as four Cedar Falls runners finished in the top 10.

“We felt we could finish this well because we had already beaten Dubuque Hempstead this year and we knew they would be right there with us,” Tigers coach Don Williams said. “This team has a lot of heart and they showed that with the finishes we had today.

“We had a great finish for fifth (Mackenzie Michael) and even Paige (Kvale) showed a lot of heart after collapsing before the finishing line, yet she got right up and crossed the line and fell again,” added Williams.

The boys were content with their secondplace showing as Class 4A’s top-ranked Sam Schillinger broke the tape 20 seconds ahead of his nearest competitor, Addison Kalb of Hempstead.

“I was feeling pretty good tonight and knew we would do well,” said Schillinger. “We ran our home course and we were very confident we would do well. Beating Senior and taking second was good for us.”

As for Tigers coach Troy Becker, there were not many surprises.

“This is exactly where we thought we would be,” said Becker. “Our plan was that we wanted to run in control for the first mile and then build off that. It was perfectly executed by the guys and they took care of business.”

In Class 1A action, Hudson’s Jenna Twait was second behind Sheridan LaCoste of Rockford.

“My mind was telling me I cannot finish about halfway through,” Twait said. “All I could think about was my friend, Brodee Peteren, who passed away and should have been here running with us. I wanted to finish for her and the rest of my team. We all wanted to finish together as a team.”

Twait’s endurance enabled the Pirates to take second place and qualify for state next week.

Denver also advanced as Caroline Stokes topped the Cyclone runners with a third-place finish.

The Pirates and Cyclones will send their boys’ teams to state. Denver’s Curren Matthias finished 17 seconds ahead of Grant Baker of BCLUW to capture the crown of fastest man in Class 1A.

“I felt pretty confident in my abilities today and I decided to make an early move to distance myself,” said Matthias, who sprinted up the grueling hill at the one-mile mark.

“It was a mental thing and I don’t mind hills really. I knew I couldn’t just coast and I kept checking in the mirror. It was just amazing to finish that strong.”

Hudson gained first place as a team with 76 points with Wyatt Kelly, Carson Wright and Alan Jackson finishing fourth, fifth and eighth, respectively.

Qualifying results

Class 1A

At Cedar Falls


TEAM QUALIFIERS — 1. Central Elkader 56, 2. Hudson 76, 3. Denver 95.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS — 1. Sheridan LaCoste (Rockford) 20:16, 2. Jenna Twait (Hud) 20:18, 3. Ciera Dietchler (CE) 20:22, 4. Kyla Wilkening (GMG) 20:22, 5. Hanna Hess (EC) 20:40, 6. Kori Wedeking (Clark), 7. Addy Carlson (StA), 8. Grace Jorgensen (Hud), 9. Emily Treptow (Jesup), 10. Ashley Funk (CE), 11. Caitlyn Juhl (St. Ansgar), 12. Caroline Stokes (Denver), 13. Desi Weber (CE), 14. Katie Brennan (Kee), 15. Jasmine Mueller (CE).


TEAM QUALIFIERS — 1. Hudson 76, 2. Denver 85, 3. Starmont 89.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS — 1. Curren Matthias (Den) 17:35, 2. Zac Nie (Don Bosco) 17:19, 3. Grant Baker (BCLUW) 17:21, 4. Jacob Wessel (Ed-Co) 17:24, 5. Carson Rygh (LM) 17:30, 6. Wyatt Kelly (Hud), 7. Carson Wright (Hud), 8. Jordan Yessak (Dunk), 9. Ian Showers (BCLUW), 10. Alan Jackson (Hud), 11. Colin Beck (Denver), 12. Caleb Silvers (BCLUW), 13. Mitchell Hayes (Starmont), 14. Gannon Cook (E. Buchanan), 15. Ellis Regan (Cent. Springs).

Class 2A

At Pella

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TEAM QUALIFIERS — 1. Mid-Prairie (Wellman) 57, 2. East Marshall (LeGrand) 81, 3. Aplington-Parkersburg 94.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS — 1. Chris Ellens (PCM) 16:34.2. 2, Mason Tyler (Apl.-Park.) 16:48.1, 3. Nick Meling (EM) 16:48.6, 4. Peyton Miller (MP) 16:53.1, 5. Zach Pettitt (MP), 6. Grant Dunsberger (PC), 7. Cam Hungerford (EM), 8. Trevor Haren (Apl.-Park.), 9. Ian Thomson (CMB), 10. Edison Weig (WM), 11. Floyd Evans (MP), 12. Hunter Brouwer (Apl.-Park.), 13. Grant Truax (Apl.-Park), 14. Dylan Hendricks (GC-GR), 15. Logan Berg (CMB).


TEAM QUALIFIERS — 1. Mid-Prairie (Wellman) 61, 2. Collins-Maxwell-Baxter 62, 3. Aplington-Parkersburg 108.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS — 1. Anna Hostetler (MP), 17:57.6, 2. Marie Hostetler (MP) 17:58.9, 3. Jordan Winke (Albia) 18:53.9, 4. Sophia Jungling (Apl.-Park.) 19:25.1, 5. Alayna Kollasch (Dike-N. Hart) 19:53.5, 6. Brenna Thomson (CMB), 7. Heather Jessen (CMB), 8. Ellie Foster (Dike-N. Hart.), 9. Megan Johnson (Apl.-Park.), 10. Lily Ehlers (Gr. Ctr.-Glad. Rein), 11. Melida Puumala (E. Marshall), 12. Reegan Zinkula (Gr. Ctr.-Glad-Rein), 13. Avril Sinning (W. Marshall), 14. Lauren Ratliff (CMB), 15. Nicole May (Apl.-Park.)

At Garner


TEAM QUALIFIERS — 1. Garner-Hayfield-Ventura 46, 2. Clear Lake 54, 3. South Winneshiek (Calmar) 61.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS — 1. Reece Smith (GHV) 15:57.86, 2. Logan Dalbeck (GHV) 16:38.16, 3. Sam Pedelty (CL) 16:58.39, 4. Ray Cataldo (GHV) 17:04.72, 5. Eric Faught (CL) 17:10.38, 6. Jordan Snyder (SW), 7. Ike Branstad (CL), 8. Ben Huftalin (Osage), 9. Derek Dietzenbach (SW), 10. Jacob Vanderwilt (S. Hardin), 11. Paul Hageman (SW), 12. Grady Hovenga (Forest City), 13. Nolan Usher (N. Hampton), 14. Paxten DeVilbiss (SW), 15. Austin Siegrist (GHV).


TEAM QUALIFIERS — 1. South Winneshiek (Calmar) 39, 2. Osage 67, 3. Emmetsburg 72.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS — 1. Josie Kriener (SW) 18:51.43, 2. Felicity Taylor (SW) 19:27.20, 3. Megan Mooberry (Osage) 19:50.19, 4. Mia Knudsen (Osage) 19:59.08, 5. Raven Brown (Emmets) 20:07.13, 6. Ivy Hirsch (Sum.-Fred), 7. Patty Teggatz (Hamp.-Dum.), 8. Hailey Foxhoven (Emmets), 9. Macy Niewoehner (N. Fay. Valley), 10. Shelby Reicks (SW), 11. Brena Barker (Osage), 12. Olivia Massman (SW), 13. Ashley Overberg (Emmets), 14. Gabrielle Janssen (Emmets), 15. Katelyn Moore (Clear Lake).

Class 3A

At Decorah


TEAM QUALIFIERS — 1. Cedar Rapids Xavier 52, 2. Decorah 64, 3. Dubuque Wahlert 97.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS — 1. Davis Flogel (DW) 16:36.50, 2. Gus Hayes (Dec) 16:41.12, 3. Andrew Kephart (Dec) 16:41.53, 4. Jonathan Lansing (CRX) 16:53.80, 5. Gavin Connell (Ch. City) 16:56.63, 6. Lake LeBahn (Union), 7. Ryan Adams (Independence), 8. Sam Kepford (Wav.-S.R.), 9. Michael Mashek (Crestwood), 10. John Pape (CRX), 11. Dylan Spina (Benton), 12. Joe Scieszinski (CRX), 13. Nolan Pithan (CRX), 14. Noah Dierks (CPU), 15. Jacob Berning (DW).


TEAM QUALIFIERS — 1. Charles City 72, 2. Decorah 78, 3. Dubuque Wahlert 80.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS — 1. Adrianna Katcher (CPU) 18:29.76, 2. Sophia Gilbert (Benton) 18:53.46, 3. Ellie Friesen (Osage) 18:54.81, 4. McKayla Cole (Ch. City) 19:04.47, 5. Grace Herber (DW) 19:25.76, 6. Aubrie Fisher (IFA-AGWSR), 7. Whitney Martin (Ch. City), 8. Katie Nimrod (Dec), 9. Josephine Berlage (Dec), 10. Hope Dohlman (Crestwood), 11. Aunna Huseman (DW), 12. Katie Tallett (C.R. Xavier), 13. Lauren Woeste (Benton), 14. Emma Earles (DW), 15. Sarah Turpen (Ch. City).

Class 4A

At Cedar Falls


TEAM QUALIFIERS — 1. Cedar Falls 34, 2. Dubuque Hempstead 47, 3. Dubuque Senior 75.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS — 1. Cassidy Christopher (CF) 19:06, 2. Sierra Mitchell (SEP) 19:16, 3. Kristan Brown (DH) 19:21, 4. Mackenzie Gaherty (DS) 19:26, 5. Mackenzie Michael (CF) 19:29, 6. Hannah Brown (DH), 7. Allison Zierke (CF), 8. Jessica VanDorn (CF), 9. Ashley Donovan (DS), 10. Heather Hostager (DH), 11. Shaelyn Hostager (DH), 12. Avery Peterson (Urb), 13. Anna Hertz (CF), 14. Kali Dixon (Urb), 15. Caroline Ross (CF).


TEAM QUALIFIERS — 1. Dubuque Hempstead 45, 2. Cedar Falls 61, 3. Dubuque Senior 78.

INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS — 1. Sam Schillinger (CF), 2. Addison Kalb (DH), 3. Jalen Hildebrand (DS), 4. Drake Henrichs (Urb), 5. Adam Mueller (DH), 6. Payton Marrs (Urb), 7. Thomas Rowe (MC), 8. Ben Hermiston (DH), 9. Brandon Conrad (CF), 10. Josh Timm (CF), 11. Ryan Wagner (Fort Dodge), 12. David Holesinger (DH), 13. Isaiah Schaetzel (DS), 14. Cutler Owens (SE Polk), 15. Clayton Streed (Wat. West).

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