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Iowa State’s Donovan Jackson, left, plays defense during a No. 14 win over Mount St. Mary’s in Ames.

AMES -- Iowa State doesn’t have a traditional, four-year senior on its men’s basketball team.

Donovan Jackson is a junior college transfer and both Hans Brase and Jeff Beverly are graduate transfers.

But that doesn’t mean emotions won’t be running high on Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Hilton Coliseum as Iowa State (13-15, 4-12 Big 12) hosts Oklahoma State (16-13, 6-10 Big 12).

Especially for Jackson, who attended his dad’s funeral on Saturday.

“I’ve been playing that moment over in my mind – before the game and after the game,” coach Steve Prohm said. “I’ll try to talk to him a little bit before the game at shootaround. I’m sure he’ll be surrounded by a lot of friends and family – his mom, his mentor, his brother and quite a few other family members. It’ll be an emotional and tough night for him.”

Jackson may have only been at Iowa State for two years, but he’s hit some of the biggest shots in school history, including the dagger to beat Kansas in Phog Allen Fieldhouse.

“It’s his last game here at Hilton and he’s had a lot of great memories here at Hilton,” Prohm said. “I can’t fathom the amount of emotion he’ll have before the game and after the game. Those will be tough moments, and I just want to embrace and be there for him. He’ll play well.”

Prohm has a tradition where he lets each senior address the fans after the game. With all the emotion Jackson will be playing with, it could be hard for him to deliver a speech.

“I need to talk to him about that,” Prohm said. “That’s what we do, that’s what I’ve always done with my programs. It’s something that lives on forever, but I need to talk to him and make sure he’s ok. I want to touch base with him first.”

Brase and Beverly have been after thoughts on this Iowa State team at times throughout this season. But Tuesday will still be special for them.

This will be Brase’s first senior night he’ll actually play in. In high school, he sprained his ankle right before senior night, and at Princeton he was out with a torn ACL.

“This will be – knock on wood – the first I’ve played in one of my senior nights,” Brase said. “Hopefully I’ll get to put on a show and use up all the things I was going to use my other senior nights and put it all into one game. It’ll be fun.”

Beverly started the season as a starter, but got relegated to the bench in favor of stand-out freshman Cameron Lard. But recently, he was reinserted back into the starting lineup due to injuries. This was a trying season for him, too.

Prohm said all three seniors will start.

“It helped me grow up as a person,” Beverly said. “It humbled me and it matured me in a lot of ways. Going from starting to not playing at all can be demoralizing to your confidence. But I just stayed in the gym, I stayed working and I stayed positive and supported my teammates.”


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