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Was Betty White the last Golden Girl? Your Call the Courier questions answered

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Q: Why when I see all these people in The Courier that die, none of them are from the virus? I’d like to know why that isn’t printed in The Courier.

A: Obituaries are written by the families and funeral homes and list a cause of death only if the submitting party includes one. Most do not. For instance, on a recent Sunday there were 30 obituaries, with five including a cause of death, none being COVID-19. We have received many obituaries over the last two years that did list COVID as a cause of death.

Q: Was Betty White the last surviving of “The Golden Girls” stars?

A: Yes. White, who died Dec. 31 at age 99, was preceded in death by her three “Golden Girls” co-stars. Estelle Getty died in 2008, Bea Arthur in 2009 and Rue McClanahan in 2010.

Q: How old is former supermodel Cindy Crawford? I see her all the time on commercials for wrinkle cream.

A: Cindy Crawford was born Feb. 20, 1966, making her 55 years old.

Q: Can you mix and match COVID vaccines?

A: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the first two vaccines in the initial two-dose series should match, but a mix-and-match booster vaccine is OK. For example, if you received the Moderna vaccine as your initial two-dose series, you can receive the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine as a booster, and vice versa. Those who received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine can receive either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine booster, the CDC says.

Q: What causes irritable bowel syndrome?

A: According to the Mayo Clinic, irritable bowel syndrome is a common disorder that affects the large intestine. Signs and symptoms include cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea or constipation, or both. IBS is a chronic condition that requires long-term management.

The exact cause of IBS isn’t known, but these factors may play a role, Mayo Clinic says:

  • Strong and long-lasting muscle contractions in the intestine.
  • Abnormalities in the nerves of the digestive system.
  • Severe infection.
  • Early life stress.
  • Changes in gut microbes such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Q: How many people at the Mayo Clinic lost their jobs because of Joe Biden’s vaccination mandate?

A: None. The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota fired 700 unvaccinated employees on Jan. 5 after they failed to get the shots by the deadline, according to news reports. The firings represent about 1% of Mayo’s 73,000 workers. But it wasn’t the president’s vaccine mandate that cost them their jobs – the hospital system implemented its own requirement in July. The clinic, the largest employer in the state of Minnesota, said it granted the majority of exemption requests made by employees. It said any employees who were released that subsequently get the vaccine are eligible to be rehired.

Q: How many Hardee’s stores are there in Waterloo-Cedar Falls and where are they located?

A: There are two locations in Waterloo – one at 805 Franklin St. and the other at 1410 Flammang Drive. There are no Hardee’s in Cedar Falls.

Q: I was wondering what injury was sustained by Telly Savalas to the index finger on his left hand?

A: Savalas, who died in 1994, had a minor physical handicap and his left index finger was deformed. He apparently did not try to hide it: That finger was often displayed on screen.

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