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Q: Can you find out the pay comparison for special education paras and associates for the Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Waverly school districts?

A: Paraeducators in Waterloo Community Schools are paid an hourly rate of $12.48 at step 1 and $13.79 at step 8. Beyond that, they receive a longevity increase of 8 cents per hour each year. There are also hourly pay increases for educational advancement. In Cedar Falls Community Schools, base hourly wages are $11.05, $11.15 and $11.45, depending on position. There are also longevity increases for every five-year increment of employment up to 20 years ranging from 12 to 24 cents. In Waverly-Shell Rock Community Schools, pay ranges from $14 to $17.04 per hour.

Q: How might I access an obituary from 2005?

A: You may call the Courier at 291-1473 for assistance. A fee is charged to print if off microfilm.

Q: Does Waterloo still have any of the Lustron metal houses built in the 1950s?

A: We know of at least four — on West Third Street, Kenilworth Road and Cornwall Avenue. There may be others as well.

Q: What does “BRB” mean in relation to wind or weather?

A: There’s a construction term called “blast resistant building, or BRB — structures specifically designed and built to withstand wind storms or tornadoes.

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Q: When someone says a house has “good bones,” what are they talking about?

A: It usually means a house that may be ugly to look at or that needs a lot of cosmetic work — painting, cleaning, new landscaping — but the structure is solid, the plumbing and electrical systems function well, it was built with quality materials and good craftsmanship, the layout works. The surface appearances just need improvement.

Q: Has Marianne Williamson, presidential candidate, ever appeared on one of the ‘Housewives’ shows?

A: Williamson has not appeared on any of the “Real Housewives” shows.

Q: What is going on with the large piles of dirt at Bontrager Park?

A: The dirt will be used by Waterloo Public Works to improve drainage in the retention basin in the park.

Q: Why did Elvis Presley serve in the U.S. Army? He was an only child and his mother had died. Shouldn’t have he received some type of exemption?

A: He was drafted and had to go, although he was able to postpone his start date for two months to finish filming “King Creole.” There were suggestions at the time that Army induction board wanted to make an example of him, to ensure people knew that money or fame couldn’t get a person out of military service. His mother died several months after Presley entered the service.

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