Q: What is the official night and times for trick-or-treating this year?

A: It’s 6 to 8 p.m. Oct. 31 for both Waterloo and Cedar Falls.

Q: Can you print the correct pronunciation for the African country I hear pronounced three different ways on the national news: is it Niger with a French accent, Niger with a hard g or is it Nigeria?

A: They are two separate countries. Niger, in West Africa, is to the north of Nigeria. They take their name from the River Niger, which flows through both. There is disagreement on the pronunciation of Niger — American officials tend to say “NYE-jer,” while their British counterparts usually use the French pronunciation: “nee-ZHER.” French is the official language of Niger, which is a former French possession.

Q: In Sunday’s paper were big headlines “Waterloo City Council candidate arrested.” Isn’t it unprofessional for a Courier reporter to put in an article like that when it happened in Cedar Falls with no facts that happened in Cedar Falls?

A: We’re not sure what this question is asking. The first paragraph of the article (on page B2 of the Oct. 15 Courier) states that arrest happened in Cedar Falls. No other details were provided by authorities. There is nothing unprofessional about reporting on the arrest of a candidate for public office. Voters have a right to know such information.

Q: The Waterloo City Council on the subject of the four-way stop on Ansborough postponed the process indefinitely. The following week it was back on the agenda without any discussion of putting it back on the agenda. Who put it back on the agenda and why wasn’t there a break in the process?

A: The premise of this question is simply not true. The City Council never voted to table the ordinance or postpone it.

Q: We’ve seen pictures of 300-pound pumpkins. What do they do with those?

A: They can get a lot bigger that that — the world record for a pumpkin is more than 2,600 pounds. They are usually grown for decoration or just for the thrill of seeing how big they can get; huge pumpkins often don’t have much taste and aren’t good for cooking with. Sometimes they are fed to livestock.

Q: Your Oct. 17 news brief about the event to take back prescription medications: What do we do with outdated over-the-counter pills?

A: According to the UnityPoint-Allen outpatient pharmacy manager, Amy Bucknell, most over-the-counter medications will be accepted at the take backs. Exceptions include needles/syringes, liquids or creams over 120ml/gms or medical supplies such as test strips and bandages.

Q: Besides the article in the Oct. 10 issue in regards to the marching bands festival held over the previous weekend — were there any collection of photos taken of the 17 northeast Iowa bands that participated? If there were photos printed, what dates were they printed in the paper?

A: Not by us. We wrote a large advance story on the event. There are plenty of pictures of the bands on Facebook from the various schools involved.

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